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Request Guest Access

[Pinned] Gaining Guest Access

Post a topic in this forum and chances are you'll get access to our guest forums if you meet any of the following criteria: You're an ex-raider. You failed your trial but have friends within the guild. You're a current social member within Pure. Y...
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[Pinned] Guild Rules

[Pinned] Guild Rules

You will be playing amongst some of the most experienced and dedicated players on Turalyon, and the key to our success is being extremely focus orientated during raids, having a solid organization and players with a professional mindset. We strive...
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[Pinned] Application form and information

What is Pure?Pure is a raiding guild on Turalyon-EU. Do not apply if you can't make our raid times. Do not apply just because you want to be in the guild with a friend. Do not apply because you like the name or website. Apply because you know your...
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[Declined] Application

Name:SorrowSong / HazarAge:31Location:Turkey________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: r...
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[Declined] Warlock Application

Name:DanielAge:28Location:Germany________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: Your raiding UI (vid...
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Warlock application

________________Name:Jordy van VlietAge:26Location:The netherlands________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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[Declined] Mage Application

________________Name:HjalmarAge:19Location:Sweden________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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Hjalmar3281Member avatar small Rewq 13d

[Declined] Demon Hunter Application

Name: DominicAge: 24Location: England________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raid...
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[Declined] Mage

Name: RoopeAge: 26Location: Finland________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (vi...
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[Declined] Destro Warlock Application

________________Name:ChenAge:24Location:Israel________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: Been on a break s...
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Played with some of your raiders in a pug, couple of them seemed alright but your Ele shaman Mooshh really stood out as a star player. Would love to join and play with you some more ;)Best wishes,Lance Hardcock
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[Declined] Balance druid application

Your real nameKasperYour age26Your nationalityDanishClassDruidSpecMain speck is balance, but I do play all specks that druid offers.Link to armory to alt armory (or multiple links...
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[Declined] Application

________________[b]Name: Max[b]Age:21[b]Location:Austria/Vienna________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:
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Jesterace-Balanace Druid (Application form)

[b]Name:Giannis[b]Age:28[b]Location:Greece________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:
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[Declined] Allarii - Application

________________Name: AmirAge: 20Location: Iran________________Your character's armory: DH :Armory: htt...
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[Declined] Application Ele Shaman

Name:RonAge:27Location:Germany________________Your character's armory: (probably my m+ gear on it most of the time currently)Your warcraftlogs reports:
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[Declined] Effendix - dps warrior

________________[b]Name:Khalid[b]Age:21[b]Location:Kuwait________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:Legion :
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[Declined] Holy Paladin Application

[b]Name: Zach[b]Age: 29[b]Location: UK________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:[b]Your raiding UI (v...
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[Declined] Application

Name: Thanos Vassiliadis / Alexandra HorvathovaAge: 30 / 18Location: Greece / Slovakia________________Your character's armory:Rogue:
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[Declined] Application

Name: DimitrisAge: 24Location: Greece ________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (video or...
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