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You will be playing amongst some of the most experienced and dedicated players on Turalyon, and the key to our success is being extremely focus orientated during raids, having a solid organization and players with a professional mindset. We strive for a balance between raiding and socializing, our aim is harmony between players and a relaxed atmosphere during off days. During our raids we have a very focused approach and playing with a team that knows what is required to get the job done.

Currently we are one of the best 3 nights progression raiding guild in Europe.

Raid schedule during progression:

  • Wednesday: 19:45-23:15
  • Thursday: 19:45-23:15
  • Sunday: 19:00-23:00

Invites start 15 minutes before posted times.

Remember as a Pure member:

We strive to be a very competitive guild where players need to prove and improve themselves to be assured a raiding spot. We want players that can perform on the highest level when it really matters. Performance and maturity will get you a long way in Pure, being professional is a key word both for the council and for all our members equally.

Outstanding players regardless of class can always challenge our current roster. We do not recruit for the bench - if we offer a trial, that player will be actively rotated into both farm and progression content.

Guild and Public Conduct

  • We strive for a guild without drama as it does not aid progression. Conflicts will be resolved swiftly. This is a notice for both our members and our council, to remind ourselves of what makes us great.
  • Spamming any public forum is unacceptable (trade chat, general chat, etc.) our reputation will bring us new players and any form of behavior that will tarnish our name is unacceptable. However, this does not mean you cannot chat or give advice in public forums.
  • As a guild member you are expected to show to the realm and the WoW community that Pure is a friendly, professional and skilled group of players.
  • If you have any form of disagreement with a fellow player, you may request a member of the council to coach in resolving the matter.

Raid Conduct

  • Make sure you have Mumble installed. We always use Mumble for our raids. Make sure you're in the correct channel when the raid starts. In addition, Mumble must be kept clean of outbursts of any kind. Mumble is a tool for the raid leader, tanks and healers or callers of abilities to communicate and is not a free for all for discussion or commentary during attempts.
  • Make sure you always show up on time. 19:55 is the cut off point, not being at the instance will result in your replacement or for repeated offenders demotion/removal. We have eleven hours per week to do what most guilds do in twenty or more hours. Punctuality is a BIG issue for us.
  • Pure probably require more from its members than most guilds do in terms of knowing encounter mechanics, being on top of your game at any given time and especially coming prepared for raids. Not understanding how an encounter works in terms of the mechanics is not an option here. We require you to thoroughly know not only your own role in the encounter, but also how the encounter in works. We truly believe that since we only raid three nights together we need to make the best possible use of our time, thus knowing the mechanics of an encounter before setting foot in an instance enrich the gaming experience for each and every player. This is a vital part to our success.
  • If your performance is lacking you may see yourself demoted. We cannot accept anything but the best in our raids.
  • Being prepared is a MUST. Come to the raid, be it progression or farm, with enough flasks, potions and other consumables and a fully optimised character to fulfil your role in the raid.
  • Chatting during progression raids: a joke every now and then is acceptable and needed, but talking in /g /raid or /say with spam and irrelevant rubbish is not acceptable.
  • Finally, you are expected to be able to raid all 3 nights per week unless the council know of a clear real life issue that prevents you from doing so.

Loot Rules:

Loot is a tool, not a reward. We use a loot council approach to distribute the loot.
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