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Daniel Lewinski





Your Character & Stats

Character name (include armory link):


Character class:


Character spec/offspec (Please describe your experience with, and gear level (not gearscore) of your offspec set):

Current spec is Fire, I do not refer to any spec as main or off since mage specs vary on fight's needs.
I played Fire and Arcane through most of T15+T16 and little bit of frost in stat of T15 when it was still relevant.

Please explain why you selected these talents and why you believe they are optimal for your raid performance:

Talents you may see on my current armory profile are only temporary as talents are changed almost per fight.

Basically as Fire mage:
1) Presence of Mind is a must mostly imo to boost non-AT combusts.
2) Temporal Shield and Ice Barrier are chosen in reaction to the type of damage I deal with in a fight.
3) Ring of Frost is nice for AoE CC, Ice Ward for single mob kites(e.g. Lei Shen Intermission add) and Frostjaw for Single Freeze CC.
4) Greater Invis for predictable tons of damage(e.g. Iron Prison), Cauterize for unpredictable tons of damage(e.g. priest leap of faithing me to Immerseus's Swirl), Cold Snap if I need double Block(e.g. early progression of Protectors).
5) Nether Tempest for cleavable adds, Living Bomb for single target output.
6) Invocation is the only choice for Fire.

Please explain why you selected your glyphs, and why they are beneficial over alternate glyphs:

This one can also vary per fight however most used ones by myself are:
1) Glyph of Combustion due to empowering the ability by tons.
2) Glyph of Inferno Blast due to spreading my Combustion to an extra add.
3) Glyph of Rapid Displacement due to the extra mobility.

Other useful glyphs are:
Glyph of Armors, Glyph of Blink, Glyph of Ice Block, Glyph of Cone of Cold, Glyph of Remove Curse(I'm sure this one will make a reappearance in WoD as useful!)

Character professions (and how these benefit your raid performance):

Bonus is extended by up to 6 seconds(At least the first proc) with Alter Time making it superior to other proffs.

Bonus is extended by up to 6 seconds(Every 3rd proc) with Alter Time making it superior to other proffs.

How do you rate your primary / secondary stats in order of importance? Explain why / how you came to this conclusion:

Intellect > Crit > Haste > Mastery --- All this while maintaining Hit Cap.

Intellect grants me both Spell Power and Crit, making it my number one choice.
Crit is the very core of Fire mage due to the entire rotation and combustion building relying on crits, making it my number two choice.
Haste means more bomb and combust ticks and more fireballs which are more chances for crits leading to more chances for Pyro!, making it my number three choice.
Mastery, which once was my choice after crit dropped to last place due to the massive 5.4 Combustion nerf(50% of ignite -> 20% of ignite) making combustion a lot less big of a factor in my dps and thus making mastery lot less important for me.

Explain your reforging strategy, and why it benefits your character:

Crit > Haste --- All this while maintaining Hit Cap.

For all the reasons mentioned in the stats question, I care for crit first, if not then haste and if item has both then I don't reforge it.

Total /played time: 57 days.
Total /played time at 90: 32 days.


Please provide detailed information on your raiding history throughout previous expansions, and your experience level of current raiding hard modes (please specify 10 or 25 man experience):

I have been playing from vanilla and ill mention my main stops along the road:

* In Vanilla I played in Windwalkers on Alliance Vek'nilash EU, finished Naxx as around world 20th guild(There was no proper ranking back then). (40m)

* In TBC I played in Forte on Alliance Kazzak EU, finished MH+BT patch as world 2nd guild. (25m)

* In WOTLK I was playing casually in Slashcry, world top 20 guild on Alliance Kazzak EU. (25m)

* In MoP I played with Strawberry Puppy Kisses in Area 52 US, top US 10m guild. (10m)

* Since middle of 5.2 I played in Kyphosis on Kazzak EU that finished world 378th in ToT and stopped raiding at 11/14H in SoO. (10m)

In the current raiding tier, how would you approach the different encounters and how would your class benefit progression / the raiding squad:

I don't want to tire you on this one with a 14-section wall of text so ill try to keep it short and informative as I can by explaining what I see as the mage's strengths in his current state:
1) Arcane mages are strong Multi-Dotters and therefore do very well on fights like Protectors/Galakras/Spoils
2) Fire mages cleave can be extremely deadly if timed right(e.g. combustion spread on Thok's bats)
3) Both Fire and Arcane are strong single target turrets and can do very well if movement is taken out of the equation, mages were never good at movement unfortunately,
4) Arcane AoE is quite impressive.
5) Mage can soak 10 seconds of massive damage with Block(e.g. tank the anguish on protectors) or be at 90% dmg reduction for 3 seconds with Greater Invis.
6) Mage can decurse, interrupt casts and even do some CC ! :P
7) Blink is useful as fuck.

Please provide recent WoW Web Stat, World of Logs reports (or similar):

Previous guild(s) and reasons for leaving:

Suppose I will only include my last guild on this section as I've been part of it for the past 8 months or so(in an officer role).
Made up of Israelian friends only, we made a guild for MoP, which I joined later(5.2) due to work obligations back in the day that made me live in the US for several months(a job that I quit).
Everything went kind of smooth until we reached siegecrafter, 2 of our members couldn't take the wipes and therefore quit, since then we tried recruiting many players, talked with over 50 potential recruits but none of them were impressed by a mere 11/14H guild, eventually it led to a decision to stop raiding.

Raid attendance in your previous guild:

I very rarely miss raids.

Do you have Ventrilo/Mumble and a working microphone:


Please list all sources you commonly use for Theorycrafting:

MMO-Champion Mage forum is quite informative.
I also refer my questions to other top mages if I have any(mostly happens at start of patches/expansions).

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in raids:

Death Note

Are you able to make our raid times? We only raid three days so expect potential applicants to be able to make all of them:


Provide a high resolution screenshot or preferably video displaying all your keybindings and your user interface in a raiding environment. This is a mandatory field to allow us to inspect your choice of UI and keybindings. Failure to include a screenshot with your application will result in a decline:

Might look messy but I just made everything go into config mode so you can see the way I built my UI.
All the information is centered around my character so I won't have my eyes traveling to the corners of the screen to check different crucial things I need to know in a matter of milliseconds + I always have my eyes on my character to avoid eating fire.

General Information

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so please provide details regarding spec/gear:

I have a Disc Priest which I run as alt, I can raid on it pretty fine(at least for the normals I ran with it), I didn't go into the other specs though this expansion.

What type of internet connection do you have, how reliable is it and what is your typical raiding latency (Also please provide result):

Bezeq Intl. 15 Mbps / 0.75 Mbps

Do you have a Authenticator attached to this account:


Reasons why you would like to join (and what you expect from Pure):

I want to join Pure because of what it stands for - quality raiding in a reasonable time window.

How did you hear of Pure:

Searched through WoWprogress for a strong 3 nights/week guild.

What you think you can bring to Pure:

Passion for new contents.
Respectful and long past in the game resulted in vast experience and point of view of a game veteran.
Obsolete dedication to my guild and character, I always played as a top player, even when I played in more casual guilds.

Additional notes from you:

My friend Beoren is also applying, I vouch for him as a great and dedicated player.

(We are not applying as a group tho)

Cheers guys !

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Thank you for your application. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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I cannot currently offer you a trial. As i have just brought in a new mage on trial. If anything changes i will add you on battle tag :). If you do wanna speak to me, or get in touch, my battle tag is ayd#2535.