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Imri Aliti, 19 years old from Sweden
I can comfortably play all 3 specs but I rarely play Subtlety because it is inconvinient and awkward with positional requirement. If it was the best spec for a fight I would have no problem playing it and playing it to the max. I always play the spec that is the best for that fight/tier so I don't have a main spec.


Tier 15 - Shadow Focus is the biggest dps increase between it and Nightstalker. Combat doesn't have an advantage of being in stealth, and the same with Assassination so Shadow Focus is the talent for Subt only. Shadow allows me to start the fight with a cheap Ambush and get a cheap Ambush everytime I Vanish, aswell as when I can time it properly to use Tricks during Vanish so it costs less as Tricks is off GCD.

Tier 30 - I've stuck with Combat Readiness for as long as I can remember, none of the other talents have had any use for me in MoP so far.

Tier 45 - Mostly use Cheat Death as it almost gives me a second life. Elusiveness however is useful on some fights where constant aoe damage is coming at the raid such as Thok or the 2nd phase of Malkorok, Depends on encounter.

Tier 60 - Almost never switch from Shadowstep, higher uptime on boss = more deeps. Only time I've used Burst of Speed is on Thok as Shadowstep wasn't as useful there as the constant spring of BoS aswell as Step randomly killing me on that boss. Depends on boss.

Tier 75 - This tier isn't to important for raiding, I've mostly used Prey on the Weak for the odd occasion where I've stunned an add or something and it takes extra damage during that period.

Tier 90 - Anticipation is a pretty clear winner here, not much to say. Even on Horridon I felt like Anticipation was better for me as I was comfortable spreading Rupures on my own to adds and having that Anticipation allows for some nice combo point pooling and is just superior single target.


I like to use Sprint, Feint and Redirect as often as I can as these are passive dps increases. Sprinting faster for higher uptime on boss or Redirecting often to avoid losing CP, or the longer Feint which is incredible for a 7 second aoe damage reduction. Some fights my Smoke Bomb is needed with that extra duration so I have to sacrifice one of these awesome glyphs which depends on the encounter. As for the other specs, for Assass the Vendetta glyph is mandatory if I can make use of the full 30 seconds of Vendetta and for Subtletly the Hemo and Vanish glyph are glyphs I almost never switch as the Hemo glyph allows me to quickly switch targets without to much downtime on the Sang Vein buff and the Vanish glyph extends my Subterfuge duration by 100 %.


My proffs are Engineering and Alchemy.

Synapse Springs are just awesome for rogues, for assass it lines up nicely with Vendetta and SB, and for the other 2 specs it can provide that ondemand small burst of agility. I use this on cooldown however most of the time to get the most amount of usages during a fight thought sometimes it can be delayed a few seconds if say I'm near deep insight as Combat.

Alchemy for the 320 Agilty boost to my flask, pretty straight forward.


Firstly I cap my hit and exp. For secondary stats Haste is king then comes Mastery. I've got this from sims and SC. My current gear is gemmed for Subtelty/Assassination however which allows me to play both specs without regemming and the loss of dps for Combat for not using full haste gems is minimal aswell as human error, ms and the nature of combat capping energy so often during CDs I feel like my current gem setup is better. I only did this regemming after progression was over with combat spec though as during progression I'll want to get every little dps increase even if it's 0,5 dps. Basically for gems the larger secondary stats gems are worth more than the 160 agi so the pure agi gems are never used instead I would try to get as much haste as humanly possible while paying attention to socket bonuses and using my stat values from sims and SC to calculate which gem would be best.

Total /played time: 58 days 17 hours on my main, I'd estimate 80 days total across all characters.
Total /played time at 90: 44 days

Raiding history/experience

I started playing WoW as 4.3 released and didn't start raiding untill a while after. In the end I cleared 3/8 HC on progress.

In early MoP I didn't have much time to play but came back for ToT where I started in Reignited just to casually clear and see if I wanted to play. After a few weeks our GM and RL took a long break and raiding stopped for a while so I joined one of the 25 man heroic guilds Gehenna in the middle of ToT heroic progression. We cleared 13/13 and it took my a while to get into the core because of gear but I was present in the first kill from Dark Animus to Ra-Den. We continued in SoO and are now at 13/14 Heroic, barely killing Garrosh before Christmas.

As a Rogue my job is to do damage, and if I'm dead I don't do any. I try my upmost to take the least amount of damage I can to help the healers while doing as much dps as I can. I also have a damage reduction CD that I use when our strategy for that boss requires me to.


Some of my most recent kills


Previous guild(s) and reasons for leaving:
Cata I raided in Only Fools and Horses, disbanded after 3/8 HC
Reignited in ToT our RL and GM had to take a break and we weren't going to raid for a long long time so most of us left.
Currently in Gehenna and there aren't to many reasons for which I'm leaving. Mainly it's the 4 day a week schedule which is something that is taking a toll on me as I'm working and studying at the same time. I feel like 3 days a week is the perfect amount of raiding days. The sunday raid in my current guild gets tiresome because the next day there's another raid. This is pretty much the most important reason I'm leaving for, I can't sustain 4 days a week for another tier. I also feel I'm ready to take a step into a better guild and push myself harder.

Raid attendance in your previous guild: During progression it's always 100 % unless I die irl. This tier I put up with being sick, doing exams, working and raiding at the same time. I'll commit 100% unless the most extreme situation won't allow me to show up. This SoO tier however I had to take some days off due to real life in the beginning of the tier. Towards the end I have had 100 % attendence. Same thing in ToT from when I joined I never missed a raid untill Ra-den died.

Do you have Ventrilo/Mumble and a working microphone: Yes.

Please list all sources you commonly use for Theorycrafting: SimC and ShadowCraft, I also try to get in touch with the rogues in the top guilds aswell as follow any discussions on EJ and commonly watch streams and kill vids of other rogues to maybe learn something I haven't already.

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in raids:
WeakAuras to track procs, buffs and defbuffs. Amazing addon that everyone should have and should be mandatory for every raider tbh.
BigWigs is my preferd bossmod, allows to see when important things in the encounter happen.
Skada to check what happened during the fight such as if I took to much damage, or what killed me etc.
ExtraCD to track my trinket procs that have ICD mainly.
BanditsGuileHelper to help me maximize Combat dps.


General Information

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? No, my current guild never required and never needed the raiders to have raid ready alts. If this is a requirement for Pure I have no problem maintaining an alt that is raid ready, I'm a fast learner and can play quite a few specs in the game.

What type of internet connection do you have, how reliable is it and what is your typical raiding latency (Also please provide result):
100/10 fiber, extremely reliable

Do you have a Authenticator attached to this account: No.

Reasons why you would like to join (and what you expect from Pure):
To push myself and raid with like minded people that wan't efficent progression. I expect to first of all have fun, and second to get some nice ranks.

How did you hear of Pure:
Through wowprogress

What you think you can bring to Pure:
A dedicated, stable and reliable player that consistently performs at a high level and that will put in the work and effort to achieve a boss kill

Additional notes from you:
I'm a very dedicated and passionate player that wants to constantly push myself to the next level. Other than that I'm just a regular chill guy that likes to play video games.
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Thank you for your application. We will get back to you very soon.