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Name: Alex
Age: 24
Location: UK (London)

This is really long... Sorry 

Your Character & Stats

Character name (include armory link): Rallo -

Character class: Shaman

Character spec/offspec (Please describe your experience with, and gear level (not gearscore) of your offspec set):

Main spec –Restoration: I’ve been maining a Resto Shaman since I first started raiding in WoW, back in ICC, and have done so every tier since, switching only to Elemental for progress on one or two fights along the way (Baleroc, Majordomo & Yor’sahj). My current Resto gear is 570 item level.

Offspec – Elemental: Elemental I played a fair amount in Cataclysm, mostly in Firelands when farming, and on Rag progression (though i did actually kill it as Resto) due to our guild having a surplus of healers, and Elemental being quite strong that tier due to an OP 2 –set bonus. Currently my Elemental gear is 551 item level. It could be higher if I regemmed / reforged some of my Resto gear, though my Ele trinkets are terrible.

Please explain why you selected these talents and why you believe they are optimal for your raid performance:

For Restoration, I pretty much roll with the below on every fight;

15) Astral Shift is decent defensive on a relatively short CD, useful for assigned soaking and saving my own ass, I always know when it’s up and when I should use it, and I’m not afraid to use it reactively if i drop low. Stone Bulwark isn’t bad, but the shield it gives is minimal, it adds up to a lot over a fight, but at the expense of globals, and it’s never big enough to save you from that hit that’s definitely going to kill you unless you have a CD, hence AS is almost exclusively the best choice. NG might be decent if you have to regularly tank a hard hitting add, but I’ve yet to find a good use for it.

30) This is entirely situational, depending on the encounter, and I’d switch it based on whether there was groups of adds to root/slow (Earthgrab) one add to root at rang (Frozen Power) or some sort of raid wide slow/snare (Windwalk Totem).

45) Call of the Elements is a nice minor throughput boost when coupled with Healing Stream, or nice utility when chaining other totems – e.g can be used for back to back Tremor Totems to handle fears. Totemic Resticance I’ve never used. As Resto the only purpose served by Totemic Projection is to drop Spirit Link Totem in melee / on tanks from range – have used this a few times on fights where tanks take burst damage in a short time period e.g Heroic Malkorok.

60) The base 5% haste from Ancestral Swiftness is really nice when gearing for haste breakpoints, and the reguar instant cast is nice, dropping Healing Rain on Thok etc. Echo of the Elements is terrible. Elemental Mastery I have used once or twice, namely Heroic Megeara to boost Healing Rain on the stack phases. I tend to stick with AS however, as I’m geared around having the 5% haste from it, so swapping it out is a pain.

75) Rushing Streams is a great throughput boost and good for spot healing damage. Conductivity I’ve never used. Ancestral Guidance has it’s uses now and then. I used it on Tsulong for burst healing coupled with Ascendance, and on Heroic Thok attempts.

90) Primal Elementalist is great due to the 1min long 10% healing boost you geat from Earth & Fire Elemental Totems. Since they both has a 5min CD, you get 40% uptime on the buff, which is pretty solid. Earth Elemental also doubles as 1min duration 20% defensive. Unleashed Fury is ok if you’re focusing one target, but would rarely beat out PE. Elemental Blast is just bad for Resto.

Offspec – Elemental: I take mostly the same talents, swapping out Ancestral Swiftness for Echo of the Elements (It’s this highest DPS boost of the tier). I take Ancestral Guidance as it’s a solid healing cooldown for Ele, and I change the 90 tier talent based on the fight, though most of the time sticking with UF; it’s roughly the same DPS as EB, but is instacast so nice when moving around. PE would be taken when there’s some requirement for extra burst dps on aoe / single target.

Please explain why you selected your glyphs, and why they are beneficial over alternate glyphs:

I swap my glyps around a fair amount depending on the fight. By default I run with Healing Stream Totem – it gives some nice magic DR on whoever it heals, Healing wave for some free self healing, and Fire Elemental – to shorten the CD on the healing buff from PE, incoming damage where a healing boost is needed tends to come for short durations and frequently, rather than for extended peroids of time and infrequently (though if it did, i’d of course swap it out), hence it’s often more useful for it to be on a 3min CD with 24sec duration than 5min CD and 1min duration.

Fire Ele glyph is the one I tend to swap out of these three, and it’s normally for Riptide (Malkorok for keeping shields topped on everyone, Thok as you can’t rely on hardcasting CH) or Glyph of Chaining to boost CH jump range (solid on spread out fights like Iron Juggernaut, but it’s more than likely not needed in 25man where player density is higher, so jump range isn’t an issue). Water Shield is also a good glyph on Thok, as the interrupts proc its mana return, so it becomes a good boost to mana regen.

That covers pretty much every glyph that has an impact on Resto playstlye, and they all have their uses somewhere.

Character professions (and how these benefit your raid performance):

I have Enchanting and Leatherworking maxed on this character. Both give added static intellect – the best choice for a healer as it’s a consistent increase to healing, as things such as cloak procs from Tailoring would be often wasted.

How do you rate your primary / secondary stats in order of importance? Explain why / how you came to this conclusion:

I use the following priority when gearing, and have followed the same priority the whole way through MoP;
Spirit to a level where I’m comfortable with my mana regen > Haste to an appropriate breakpoint > Int/SP > Crit > Mastery.

Since secondary stat gems have double the point budget of primary, this results in a gemming strat of: Red socket = Int/Crit, Blue Socket = Spirit/Crit, Yellow/Blank Socket = Crit, with a few haste gems thrown in If I can’t reach a breakpoint through reforing. If I do need to gem/reforge to reach a breakpoint, I use AskMrRobot to do the maths for me, but put in my own stat weights so that after reaching said breakpoint, it adheres to my stat prio above.

Right now I’m rolling on ~12k spirit, which is fine for 10 man as you do much more single target spot healing with HW/GHW, so get more mana back through Resrugence than you would from heavier CH usage, so I’d probably bump it up a bit. I’m just over the 8373 haste breakpoint (this is as a Goblin with passive 1% hast bonus), which covers 2 extra ticks of Healing Stream, an extra HR tick and an extra Earthliving tick.

I’ve also tried out the 15k breakpoint for a further HST, HR and RT tick, though it didn’t feel much stronger, and my regen suffered somewhat due to a loss of about 7k crit rating. Crit is currently at 34% unbuffed.

I take my stat priority mostly from reading forums such as MMO and EJ, as well as Totemspot, which has been a handy resource for theorycrafting this expansion. I also follow lifeingroup5, a Resto Shaman blog written by a 25 Heroic raiding Shaman in the US, there’s often very detailed theorycrafting and log analysis on here, which comes in useful when deciding how to gear.

Explain your reforging strategy, and why it benefits your character:

The answer to this is pretty much covered in the previous question. Spirit for regen to a comfortable point. Haste to a given breakpoint for extra ticks on RT, HST and HR, while favouring crit due to the healing increase of more critical strikes, as well as boosting my regen through Resurgence.

Total /played time: 122 days on this character.
Total /played time at 90: 36 days.

Please provide detailed information on your raiding history throughout previous expansions, and your experience level of current raiding hard modes (please specify 10 or 25 man experience):

30 Nov 2010 - 26 Jan 2011: Consequence (25m).

This was my first proper raiding guild, and I joined towards the end of ICC, raiding 25 Heroic after I’d geared up in pugs. I killed 9/12 Heroic with this guild, though this was with the 30% buff, a nice noob intro to raiding.

I continued to raid with Consequence into the first few weeks of Cataclysm, where we downed a handful of normal bosses. I left after a month or so of Cata due to some questionable leadership, friends being brought along in place of raiders etc.

27 Jan 2011 – 20 Jan 2012: HXC (10m).

I joined HXC purely due to them having similar progress as myself at that time, a few T11 normal bosses down, though eventually finishing the tier realm top with 10/13 Heroic. I played Resto for every kill.

We hit Firelands on release and downed normals in the first week, with heroics falling steadily after. 6/7 heroic before any nerfs, and eventually killed Rag a month or so prior to the release of Dragon Soul.

DS was much the same story to begin with, normals clear in first week, and 2/8 Heroic in the second, but then our GM and a couple of officers decided they’d had enough – most of the roster was feeling fairly burnt out from spending so long on Rag, and everyone took a break.

21 Jan 2012 – 7 Aug 2012: Conspire (10m).

I originally joined Conspire as a social as I was happy to take a break from raiding for a while. I joined along with the main tank from HXC, who joined their main raiding team. I filled in as a back up here and there when they were short a healer on farm bosses / alt runs. I began raiding with them properly a while later once I had some more time on my hands. The guild was already 8/8 Heroic (all pre nerf apart from Madness at 5%) by that point, so there was no progress while I raided DS with them. I ended up killing upto 6/8 Heroic somewhere around the 10% nerf mark, with Spine and Madness 15-20%. Shortly before the release of MoP, the guild dispanded.

9 Aug 2012 – Now: HXC (10m).

With the release of MoP, a number of members of HXC rejoined the raiding scene, so myself along with 3 others decided we would try and get things up and running again, but on a casual schedule raiding just 2 nights a week. We had about 5-6 old members from the first time around, so had to quite a lot of recruitment from scratch. Given how we started t14 and the time we were raiding, we finished with a somewhat respectable 6/6 Heroic MSV clear, with 1 heroic boss down in HoF and 1 down in ToES.

Going into ToT we had a slightly stronger roster, but started off slow and it was apparent that if were to get anywhere near the progress we wanted, we’d have to bump up to 3 days a week. After a few weeks sat at 3/13 Heroic, we worked our way up to 11/13 quickly – where we sat for the rest of the tier . The individual responsibility that heroic LS placed on people shoulders was too much for a few of our raiders, though with recruitment being a nightmare on a smallish server, and running a 10 man roster we were somewhat stuck. When your Boomkin asks you on wipe 210 “How do these ball lightnings work again?”, or your hunter hits disengage and jumps of the platform instead of hitting deterrence to soak his static shock, for the 5th time, you know your game is up. So we chilled for a few weeks and farmed up gear for SoO.

Cleared SoO normals in the first week, and worked our way up to 10/14 heroic at a fairly steady place. Though after being stuck on Thok for quite a while and some obvious issues in the roster that are not easily remedied with the current state of recruitment, and fractures starting to appear in the relationships between raiders, we decided to call it a day at Chirstmas; so now I’m here looking for a new home.

In the current raiding tier, how would you approach the different encounters and how would your class benefit progression / the raiding squad:

I’ll start by answering the second part of the question – Resto Shaman this tier has seen some sizable buffs since ToT. Aside from providing extremely high raw throughput, we have the strongest AoE healing in game when the raid is loosely or tightly stacked, in the form of Healing Rain and Chain Heal.

We also have multiple raid cooldowns, Healing Tide, Ascendance and SLT, all of which can be raid saving when used at the right time. We also bring a unique buff to the raid – Ancestral Vigor, which results in upto a 10% health buff to the whole raid – great for progression and when undergearing content where there are mechanics that would otherwise kill the raid from anything less than their normal full HP. BL/Hero of course, and we also bring a ton of utility in the form of our totems – roots, slows, stuns, breaking fears etc. Resto mastery, though not amazing when on farm, comes into its own on progression, where the raid’s health might consistently be lower than usual. I also bring Mana Tide which is boon during progression when healers are more typically mana starved, and Stormlash is a solid DPS cooldown for the raid.

Approach to fights in SoO:

Big healing CDs such as Healing Tide, SLT and Ascendance I’d use at the raid leaders call, or whenever they were pre-designated to be used when discussing a strategy. There’s nothing worse than shouting for something and the dude is like “Uhhh... it’s on CD, sorry...”. Same goes for Stormlash.
RT on CD, ES on Tank, CH always cast on a player with RT on if possible, Unleash Elements before every other Healing Raid for the 30% buff, Healing
Stream on Cooldown.

My experience here is exclusively 10 man, so I’ll try to write this as if i was approaching the fight in 25s

Immerseus – Healing rain goes in the area of highest player density. Lots of spot healing here. Chain heal most frequently used spell. If cooldowns not assigned, pop when the swirl comes across the group incase people aren’t able to move out of it in time. Resto isn’t great for handling the adds , I ensure I have to TW stacks then alternate Healing surges on as many as are in range while making sure I stand by at least one when it gets healed to full – can normally get 3, maybe 4 adds this way if I get lucky with crits.

Protectors – HR on melee or ranged group (depends if there’s another RSham and what they’re doing) CDs on boss transition phases. Interrupt Corruption Shock on Embodied Gloom if assigned. Mostly Chain heal unless focusing on tanks is needed, in which case GHW. Dispel on 3 stacks.

Norushen – Go in and do the challenge bit whenever I’m assigned. Stack in HR, spam CH and win meters?

Sha –Stack behind boss, HR always down on stack. CH / GHW / RT to spot heal. Dispel with gift. Soak rifts as frequently as possible. Get people out of prison If assigned. Cooldowns on swelling pride where assigned. Dispel when needed after 30% when gift stops going out.

Galakras (I’ve only ever healed the downstairs here, never the towers) – HR down to cover as many people as possible. Interrupts on Shaman if assigned to, Capacitor totem to stun add packs as frequently as possible / as a last resort for the bonecrusher tunnelling the NPCs. First Set of CDs probably used when Korgra starts spitting shit. For second phase, stack in groups with HR covering as many people as possible. Cooldowns when called for.

Juggernaut – HR to cover as many people as possible, spam CH (possibly glyphed depending on how spread out the raid is) with GHW / RT to spot heal where needed. CDs where assigned on shock pulses in p2.

Dark Shaman (Here I’ve always split the raid up, I go top with Haromm as absorb classes are best for handling Kardris) – Keep HR down on as many people as possible, position tombs in a line out of the way. RTs on people with Toxic Mist, kite Foul Stream out of the way of raid, personal CDs / healing CD on Falling Ash.

Nazgrim – Not too much healing here – interrupts on the Mage guys, stuns on adds where possible, Earthbind/grab to slow the assassin if it’s on me, back to the wall with personal CDs up if being focused by the sniper, purge boss if Shaman add manages to get an Earthshield cast off on boss. CDs if shout thing happens.

Malkorok – Glyph RT here and keep it rolling on as many people as possible to keep shields topped. HR on melee. Take note of who is soaking and get their shield topped asap before and after soak. Glyph CH to give larger coverage of the room as one side will normally be out of healing range. Spam tank on Blood Rage phase, possibly use SLT with Totemic projection to drop it on tank for extra 10% damage reduction even if they’re solo soaking. CDs either on pull, or after Blood Rage to get shields topped asap.

Spoils – HR to cover as many people as possible. CH / GHW to cover spot healing. CDs when big boss mobs are up. Try to keep behind the raid to maximise healing from the buff procs, and also try and catch sparks as well as adds if possible to increase damage done while still handling sparks.

Thok – HR down always. Glphy RT to keep rolling on as many people as possible. Spam CH during AM or if I get a BoP. Use CDs when designated. Also take dispel glyph for extra healing on second p1.

The rest of the bosses I have no first-hand experience on – so this is a mixture of how I handle it in normal & conjecture.

Siegecrafter – HR to cover as many people as possible, spot healing with GHW, CDs when called for. Personal CD usually when the Shredder lands and does aoe damage. Ascendance + SWG is a nice combo for healing during the magnet. Avoid shit.

Paragons – HR to cover melee or ranged groups, lots of spot healing with GHW and CH spam. CDs when called for. Personal CD when soaking the aim, often delay HST slightly for healing back up after aim / use Call of the Elements for this.

Garrosh – CDs where called, usually Ironstar explosions / whirlings / annihilates. HR always down on stack and during annihilates. Interrupt wolf rider if necessary. Outside of the above, healing req is not so high, so spot healing with RT / GHW / HW. Interrupt MCs if needed.

Please provide recent WoW Web Stat, World of Logs reports (or similar):

HXC’s logs from our last few weeks in SoO -
(I’m aware my Earth Shield uptime is could be better, ES healing itself is weak so is low in priority, it’s strength is the buff to single target healing you have on the target; if I’m focusing tanks for any length of time, it’s always up. Regardless, I’ve recently made a Weak Aura to shout at me when it drops off either of the tanks.)

Raidbots -

Previous guild(s) and reasons for leaving:

This is all covered in my super long answer to the question on raiding history.

Raid attendance in your previous guild:

Over the last 12months this has been very close to 100%, other than planned holidays, of which everyone was made well aware in advance, and 1 or 2 times I’ve been stuck late at work.

Do you have Ventrilo/Mumble and a working microphone:

Yeah I have both of these installed, and working mic, which is attached to a headset. I’m not gonna be that one guy who uses speakers and pisses everyone else off with feedback.

Please list all sources you commonly use for Theorycrafting:

MMO Champ forums, Icy Veins, Lifeingroup5, Totemspot and sometimes EJ – though it’s nowhere near as good as it used to be.

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in raids:

ElvUI – Just as a basic replacement for the default UI, I’ve played around with it a reasonable amount though.

Grid2 – As for any healer, my raid frames are my most imporant addon. Use them to track everyone’s HP, icons for personal defensive CDs for all raiders, not just tanks. Shows shields on all players, raid debuffs, raid cooldowns, duration of my RT, ES etc etc.
I use Grid2 in conjuntion with Clique to heal. I have all healing spells bound as mouseovers on my Naga (so you won’t see them in my screenshot) Using

Clique is handy as your heals work on all player frames, useful for healing bosses / npcs like Tsulong or Valithria etc.

Weak Auras – I use this for monitoring procs (Tidal Waves), raid debuffs on myself and totems, as well as other things such as it screaming at me if I don’t have Water Shield or Earthliving Weapon on. I make a whole lot more use of it as Elemental too, using it to track everything roation related.

BigWigs / DBM – I keep both of these up to date, as one or the other tends to be off on certain fights for the first few weeks of each tier.

Skada – not just for staring at to see if I’m top – all the addition modules are handy for checking damage taken sources, who did how much damage to what, and people’s buff / debuff uptimes. Monk tank: “Heal me more I’m squishy here” – Shuffle uptime 17% whuuuuuuuuuuuuut?

Are you able to make our raid times? We only raid three days so expect potential applicants to be able to make all of them:

Yes, I should have no issues making the raid times. I work full time Mon-Friday until ~5pm UK time. As I mentioned above, the only reason I miss raids is due to planned holidays (infrequent) and the rare time I get stuck at work, which has happened 2 times in the last 12 months. I also often travel on weekends, but always ensure I’m back in time for Sunday raids.

Provide a high resolution screenshot or preferably video displaying all your keybindings and your user interface in a raiding environment. This is a mandatory field to allow us to inspect your choice of UI and keybindings. Failure to include a screenshot with your application will result in a decline:

Clique bindings – since you won’t see these on my normal SS (all bound on Naga);

Don’t have any from a proper raid, so jumped into LFR for this;

Note that the binds on num 1-6 (naga) I often change on a fight to fight basis – depending on which totems might be useful.

General Information

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so please provide details regarding spec/gear:

I have all the healing classes at lvl 90, and play MS heals on all of them. The priest is the only one i’ve been keeping up to date recently.

Disc/Shadow. Out of practice on Holy but capable of picking it up -
MW -
Holy -
Resto -

What type of internet connection do you have, how reliable is it and what is your typical raiding latency (Also please provide result):

I have BT Fibre, usually it’s around 35mbps down, 12mbps up. Latency in raid is typically somewhere between 12-20 ms. It has never dropped out on me in a raid before. Guess my housemates were downloading crap when I ran this, it’s normally alot quicker;

Do you have a Authenticator attached to this account:


Reasons why you would like to join (and what you expect from Pure):

After checking out the guild on wowprogress, your website and watching your kill videos, I’ve been impressed a number of things – The attitude you seem to display towards raiding is just what I’m looking for – maximum efficiency with the limited raiding time you have. It looks to me like the guild as a whole is mature and people behave like adults. From watching kill videos I was impressed by the raid leading and how cleanly the raid seemed to be able to stick to assigned positioning / execute tactics.

After being involved with the leading of my current guild, through raid leading, recruitment and dealing with other people’s mess, I’m looking to be able to take up a spot in a raiding team where I can focus on the fights at hand and the maximisation of my own performance, and bring the most to a raiding team as a member, I think that Pure would be an excellent place for me to do that.

How did you hear of Pure:

I originally came across the guild a long time back, when I was researching how to gear my newly dinged MW monk, and I read a bunch of stuff by Reglitch on the MMO forums. After checking the guild out, I’ve since been thinking about applying on and off for quite a while.

What you think you can bring to Pure:

I’m reliable and friendly player who’s loyal to his guild. I’m totally polarised to any form of drama, so steer clear of it all costs; I’m not a pain in anyone’s ass. I’ve played my class as my main since 2009, so I know it inside out. I always prepare for raids as much as possible; flasks, pots, food etc, and also tactics – I’m not one to turn up and relying on the raid leader to explain fight mechanics to me. Having been around for quite a while I know the basics of other classes, and what added utility they all bring to a raid, so can provide input into coming with new strats, cooldown rotations etc.

Additional notes from you:

Not a whole lot more to add – and apologies that this app was so in-depth / an epic read, though I hope I provided you with enough info.

Any questions, feel free to add me on battletag; rallo#2381
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Thank you for your application. We will get back to you as soon as we can.
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Currently we have two resto Shamans on trial. So i cannot offer you a trial at this time. I am very sorry for this decision. If anything changes i will PM you on our forums. If you would like a chat with me, my battle tag is ayd#2535.
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No worries, I get how these things go. Thanks for your time anyhow, and the best of luck in WoD.
If anything does open up would be great if you could let me know.