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Name: Chris

Age: 24

Location: Birr, Ireland

Your Character & Stats

Character name: Snôw


Character class: Death knight

Character spec/offspec: Main spec is unholy. Off spec is blood. My gear for blood is all over right now due to being low on the list for off spec gear. It ranges from heroic TOT gear all the way to heroic SOO gear. I was main spec blood back in cata. Achieving a few realm first heroic kills and realm first meta achiev for firelands. Also achieved realm first madness normal. This was mostly done by having an extra dps on most fights by solo tanking most of the encounters. Tanked most fights in SOO on normal but none on heroic. I've got alot of experience with blood and frost. But have used them very little this tier.

Please explain why you selected these talents and why you believe they are optimal for your raid performance:

Roiling blood: Being able to passively spread dots with blood boil continues to beat out other talents in the tier. Unholy blight just doesn't work for unholy as well as roiling blood. Unholy blight also has a cd making it less desirable. I've tried out plaque leech a few times, but as unholy, I find that removing the diseases and reapplying doesn't alter my dps over a long fight. When I apply them during the fight, and then later on again if my procs line up, the diseases just do to much damage to justify plaque leech. 1 tick is lost and most likely, buffed diseases as well. Tested it on Iron juggernaut as its purely single target for the entire fight, and found myself doing no better for it.
Anti magic Zone: Has utility for every fight. The only time I don't spec it is on Nazgrim. Simply due to not finding a time were its actually beneficial. Usually swap purgatory in for that fight. The rest of the time, it simply dominates the tier.
Death Advance: The passive boost and the sprint available on cooldown is to good to pass on. Chillblains can be handy in case of lack of slows depending on the boss. But so far this tier, the speed boost is king.
Death pact: Like deaths advance, this is the obvious choice. As far as encounters go in this tier, death pact is simply superior to death siphon and conversion. Doesn't hurt dps but still gives the strongest on demand self heal.
Blood tap: I've parsed all 3 of the possible choices for this tier several times. But blood tap always comes out on top. For most fights that involve a continuous ams soaking, example: garrosh whirling corruption, I ended up macroing blood tap into death coil simply due to the spamming of death coils and not wanting to cap on blood charges. That goes on a fight by fight basis though. So far, I only use runic empowerment If I go duel wield frost because of double dipping. Runic corruption works for blood, depending on your use of rune strike. If you just start dumping runic power all in one go with it, then blood tap is back to top. Blood tap is currently my personal preference for playing blood casually.
Gorefiend's grasp: This talent has so much utility that I'v never switched it out in SOO. Its amazing for almost every single fight with adds. It easily beats the other 2 choices this tier.

Please explain why you selected your glyphs, and why they are beneficial over alternate glyphs:
Glyph of anti magic shell: Being able to absorb everything in one go to help survivability and very strong ams soaking. Just to good across the tier so far.
Glyph of pestilence. This is changed on a fight by fight basis depending wither that extra range will help me kill adds that little bit faster. I no longer use it on garrosh, due to the fact that the adds are on the boss from the get go. You don't benefit from that extra range. Glyph of regenaraive magic is my replacement in that case. If you don't need the range boost, then this glyph is a must have for buying a slightly shorter cooldown.
Glyph of loud horn: My personal favourite. Fits well with the rotation to give that extra runic power when you need it. I'd go so far as to call it a flat dps boost. Using only 1 gcd by doubling the cooldown of horn of winter, while giving you that extra 10 runic power. For me these major glyphs are top and I believe there are the biggest dps boost.
There is one exception to the rule. But its raid dependant. Dark simulacrum glyph. The only fight I can justify its use so far has been spoils. As it can steal a raid heal or 5% dps boost for all players in raid. I used this early on heroic progression on that fight, but once things started dying so quikly, the steals got rarer. There is the possibility of it being useful in the dark shamans encounter, but the way I'v done the fight is were they are split and I'v not been on kadris for the entire fight to steal much frost bolts from her.

Character professions (and how these benefit your raid performance):
I've gone with blacksmithing for the 2 extra prismatic sockets for a stat boost of my choice. I like having this option as it gives me the choice of any stat I need or want. As tier and gear varies, I find it to be flexible and generally a reliant profession choice.
My 2nd profession has been switched a few times. Originally JC, then engineering. After taking a break at the start of MOP, i switched it to mining for easy farming. Haven’t switched it back since. But if I was to go at a higher level of raiding again, I'd be switching back into engineering. (Handy to level) But mainly due to the fact that on almost all my raiding chars I go for engineering. The timed stat boost from synapse springs, plus the utility of the speed boost, and rarely the glider, gives you more survivability. Its fight dependant again really. Gold and mats are something Iv got lots of. So Iv been known to change professions in order to parse them. So my 2nd profession choice would probably change depending on what the tier looks like. As a default Il be using engineering for that second profession though.

How do you rate your primary / secondary stats in order of importance? Explain why / how you came to this conclusion:
Haste 9.4k > Mastery = above haste > Strength > crit > mastery > haste
Hit and expertise caps covered before anything else. I made haste my top at getting that 9,4k as it gives me a smooth rotation. It seems to be the sweet spot for haste. After parsing many times inside and outside of raids, that gives me the best performance. While anything more ends up being just to much. Beyond that I avoid haste completely.
Mastery being above haste comes mostly passively with my current gear. I have not had to worry about it being above haste when it comes to gems / reforging. The reason I need it above haste, comes down to the current 2 set tier for dps dks. Sudden doom procs give either 500 haste or mastery per stack, depending on which is higher. Mastery is a flat dps boost, were as the haste bonus is not.
Strength is still bonus damage, not good enough to gem it outright against crit, but its stat value is technically more than crit. When it comes to gems though, the 320 on crit, a secondary stat, is simply superior to going flat strength.
Crit is my main stat for getting as much of it as possible for more dps. After the haste and mastery balance is set, along with the hit and expertise caps, crit is what I am stacking as much as possible. This part was the hardest in terms of the theory crafting I do. While crit is an rng stat, mastery in most cases, along with strength, are flat dps boosts. Mastery affects almost all unholy dk damage. I've tried dropping crit altogether and going with strength and then mastery heavy builds. Sadly they just don't perform as well as crit. Even with a low amount of crit, if just parses better than mastery or strength builds by a noticeable difference. I've tried each build inside and out of raids, crit is just on top. Mastery came close on aoe fights, But crit seems to be the safe bet in general.
I added mastery and haste normally to the end of my stat priority. I believe there still dps boosts after crit. But to such a small degree that it will never come up unless I become magically crit capped. (Done the math and it is currently impossible!)

Explain your reforging strategy, and why it benefits your character:
My reforging is based on keeping my hit and expertise at the cap. After that I went for the 9.4k haste to benefit my rotation. Then I put everything I can into crit for more flat dps gain. My gems are also based on the same. All those gems and reforges are meant to be optimal for that exact set of gear. If one piece were to change, I would most likely have to re gem and reforge almost everything to get the optimal dps from my gear.

Total /played time: 96 days
Total /played time at 90: 42 days


Please provide detailed information on your raiding history throughout previous expansions, and your experience level of current raiding hard modes (please specify 10 or 25 man experience):
TBC: kara, black temple, SSC (no lady vashj kill) TK, Magtheridon, gruuls lair. (All as warrior tank)
Wrath: Naxx, EOE, OS, onyxia - (on 10 and 25 man) All as prot warrior
Ulduar 10 and 25 man (all hard modes except yogg zero) solo tanked mimiron 10 hard mode while it was content. (warrior tank)
Toc 10 and 25 man normal and heroic (10 man tribute to insanity) warrior tank I was also raid leader for all wrath content to this point
ICC 10 man heroic cleared, ICC 25 man heroic (no heroic LK kill) For ICC I was warrior dps.
Cata: BWD 4/6 heroic. BOT 3/5 heroic. Throne of 4 winds 1/2 heroic. (First tier of cata as warrior dps)
Firelands 6/7 heroic. (blood tank) - raid leading.
Dragon soul 1/8 heroic (blood tank) - raid leading. Guild disband forced a break at this point so progress halted
Mists: Returned at the beginning of TOT as dk dps.
TOT 11/13 heroic 25 man (lei shen and ra-den killed slightly after SOO release on 10 man)
SOO 10/14 heroic 25 man. Cleared normal on both 10 and 25 man. 6/14 heroic 10 man
Several attempts on both thok and siegecrafter, Missed Thok kill as unless a warrior dps (rallying cry), were sat out in favor of ranged dps.

In the current raiding tier, how would you approach the different encounters and how would your class benefit progression / the raiding squad:
Well as mentioned earlier in terms of talents and glyphs, I would change those depending on the encounter. The main thing a dk can bring to most fights across the board is its utility. Grips being the main one. Mass grip and even normal death grip. Any fight with adds you want bunched up, this is a must have. AMZ covers again almost all fights. Most notable I'v seen were its a partiularly potent, is on iron juggernaut. Shock pulse metigation being the real use in that fight. Falling ash in dark shamans. Sweeling pride in sha of pride. Clash in fallen protectors (while in the bubble phase). Garrosh during any of his many abilities (annihilate, whirling corruption, korkorn iron star explosion) From what iv seen it can also be of benefit in phase 4. It can also be used on the big adds in spoils. Although not to great affect as it does only last 3 seconds.

Please provide recent WoW Web Stat, World of Logs reports (or similar):

Previous guild(s) and reasons for leaving:
From beginning of wrath to present:
Blood runners - Disbanded (By disbanded, the guild either disolved, or is empty. Guilds themselves may still exist)
Legion of doom - Disbanded
Premonition - Disbanded
L I G H T N I N G - Raiding was shut down. Most left then but I've heard its up and running again
Symatic - Guild leader broke up with GF and things went bad. Reformed into dragnipur
Dragnipur - Some quit when mists info was released. Took a break. Currently inactive. Home to a few old players who have quit.
Last judgment - To much drama for my liking. Had some issues with people being aggressive
Breakpoint - Guild fell apart after a few weeks as most left preffering 25 man over 10 man.

Raid attendance in your previous guild:
In both breakpoint and Last judgment I kept a 90% plus attendance rate. I don't have work or studies at raid times, so rare occasion to miss a raid.
Even in cata, by being main tank, I had to keep a 100% attendance rate.

Do you have Ventrilo/Mumble and a working microphone:

Please list all sources you commonly use for Theory crafting:
I usually do the math myself or with another solid dk. When it comes down to it, I also use mr.robot. Destiny softworks, elitest jerks and sometimes the mmo champion forums. I use these as a point of reference if nothing else. See if theres something I'v missed or havn't thought of. Mostly I cover it myself by testing and re testing everything. I'm a tad ocd about it.

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in raids:
There the only add ons that really affect my raiding. Everything else is based outside the raid really. I used to use DK dots to track timers for a perfect festerblight. Not anymore though. Also usually use bartender depending on the class / spec. Mainly cause keybindings become easier to set.

Are you able to make our raid times? We only raid three days so expect potential applicants to be able to make all of them:
Yes. There all perfect for my schedule.

Provide a high resolution screenshot or preferably video displaying all your keybindings and your user interface in a raiding environment. This is a mandatory field to allow us to inspect your choice of UI and keybindings. Failure to include a screenshot with your application will result in a decline:
Plainest UI of any of my chars, but gets the job done. (Bottom right empty box is used for tracking relevant raid cooldowns)
During combat DBM timers are displayed both to the left, right and high center.

General Information

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so please provide details regarding spec/gear:
My warlock is geared to flex level and some peices a bit lower. No real decent alts in raiding this xpac so far sadly. Warlock, warrior, mage, rogue, dk at 90. Shammy, paladin and hunter close to ding 90.

What type of internet connection do you have, how reliable is it and what is your typical raiding latency (Also please provide result):
There supposedly rolling out the fibre lines soon so the connection will go to 100 mbs whenever that comes in. Soon can be 1 month or 6 months with these people. I havn't had any problems in the game or in the raid with it so far though.

Do you have a Authenticator attached to this account:

Reasons why you would like to join (and what you expect from Pure):
Raiding time is well spent clearly. Less time spent but better raiding done in that time. I really like that idea. So nice raiding environment, playing with skilled players, a drama free environment. Truthfully I'm looking foward to what I can learn from some players. Watching them play, seeing how they react with problem solving tactics and the like. Always something to learn. And of course have alot of fun doing it!

How did you hear of Pure:
Wow progress

What you think you can bring to Pure:

A solid player who knows their class inside and out. Makes the necessary prep for raids and is on time and reliable both inside the raid and on the bench. As well as years of raiding experience. I'm also very crazy about getting the max out of my gear. I always strive to be the best I can be. In my mind, if your not giving it your best, your letting down all your other raiders. As a person, someone who is easy going and loves achievements, grinding everything and someone you can have a laugh with or spiel about anything and everything.

Additional notes from you:
Hope I covered everything there. If I left anything out or you have any questions just give me a shout! Happy to explain anything at all. Having me in the guild also adds a +10 to moral.
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Thank you for your application. We will get back to you soon.
#8973178 Jan 17, 2014 at 10:01 PM
Just a small change to the stat weights answer.

haste to 6.4k instead of 9.4k

Dropped alot of haste over crit while doing some parsing this morning and found, even with a less smooth rotation, that the extra crit worked out better damage. On ams soaking fights were your spamming death coil at times, the blood tap won't cap and can better counter the lower haste with blood tap giving more rune regen. Tested via a flex tonight and turned out better in raid to.

Think thats finally it. Sorry bout that.
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I am sorry for the delay, I cannot offer you a trial straight off because we have a DK on trial at the moment. But that doesnt mean im declining you. I just need to think about how our roster is looking after this Wednesday. I will get back to you Thursday with a final answer. Thank you for your patience. Its much appreciated.
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No worries. Thanks for the update
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I'm guessing you meant thursday in a weeks time then
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Can you add my battle tag please. ayd#2535
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Request sent yesterday evening. Sent a few times to be sure
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Thank you. I did try and speak with you. But you were raiding.
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Still don't see you on real ID. Havn't been raiding this week so I'm guessing it was a diff person