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Name: Robert
Age: 28
Location: Poland

Character & Stats


Character spec/offspec: I'm playing combat which, at the moment, is the most versatile spec with highest dps. In the past I have been playing Sub (Dragon Soul), as well as Assassination (tier 14 and ToT). I don't have an off-spec at the moment since I don't feel that it's necessary, but can play anything that is required. Only SoO level gear that I have aside from the one equiped is normal heirloom dagger from Garrosh and Spoils cleave trinket (also normal non-tf).

Talents: 15 - Shadow Focus / 30 - Nerve Strike / 45 - Cheat Death / 60 - Burst of Speed/Shadowstep / 75 - Prey of the Weak / 90 - Anticipation

I use Shadow Focus (15) and Anticipation (90) because the wise men and women of the rogue theorycrafting community tell me these two are the biggest dps gain.

As for (30) and (75) they are all utility and depend largely on the encounter. I chose Nerve Strike/Prey of the Weak so I get additional benefits when I stun something (e.g adds on Norushen) and because I haven't found any real use for the alternatives in their respective trees.

In speed increase tier (60) I go for Shadowstep unless fight has heavy and constant movement requirement (e.g. belt on Blackfuse) in which case I go Burst of Speed.

Glyphs: Major - Redirect, Sprint, Feint / Minor: Safe Fall, Blurred Speed, Poisons

When it comes to major glyphs, the glyph of redirect if the only one I would consider mandatory (except for pure single target fights). The other two I pick because, in my opinion they are better then the alternatives. Sprint is a nice speed increase and Feint can be useful on fights like Thok or Iron Juggernaut (with steady and constant AoE dmg). I also use Cloak of Shadows for Iron Juggernaut mine soaking, as well as debuff on Shamans and Smoke Bomb on Malkorok intermission phase.

With Minor I only swap Killing Spree in for Immerseus so I don't have to run back the entire room.

Stats and reforging: Like with tier 15/90 talents I follow EJ, Shadowcraft, Icy Veins and other theorycrafting sources advice and go: Hit/Exp to cap > Haste > Mastery > Crit with 2x Haste > Agility.

Professions: Enchanting and LW. I get 320 agility from both and when it comes to raid utility I suppose I can pop some LW drums for speed, hero or some discount stats.

Total /played time: 191 days
Total /played time at 90: 78 days


I have been in 2 guilds before I joined my current one. Both were social (with some extremely casual raiding) so I'm not going to discuss them here. I joined Fallen Legion in 2011 and have been raiding here for 2,5 years. I have also been on officer (from Dragon Soul to this day) as well as raid leader in SoO. The bottom line is that I'm looking for a more serious and dedicated raiding environment. All of my raiding with Fallen Legion was 25 man.

These are for when they were current tier:

Firelands - 6/7 HC
Dragon Soul 8/8 HC
Tier 14 was 10/16 HC
ToT 10/13 HC
SoO 9/14 HC


Keep in mind when viewing these logs that I usually put myself in "loss of dps" assignments (as there aren't many volunteers for those) like staying up on Norushen, maning the cannons on Galakras, soaking stuff on Malkorok etc.

Raid attendance: In my present guild which I joined on 08.2011 we have been raiding 5 (Firelands) and 4 (DS to SoO) days a week. During that entire time I missed exactly 3 raids. 2 of them were in Firelands (one was due to internet problems, the other was food poisoning) and 1 was in tier 14 (serious rl stuff). I can make all raid times in Pure.

Voicecom: I have both Vent and Mumble and a working microphone.

Theorycrafting sources: EJ, Shadowcraft and Icy Veins mostly. Aside from that I also drop in from time to time on MMO-Champ class forums to see if they are saying anything interesting and check the top results on WoL to see if I can learn something (at least from the ones that use normal, non topping WoL oriented tactics).

Addons: ElvUI so I have a neat UI , Weak Auras for tracking stuff, DBM for boss timers, Hermes and Ora for raid leading/calling out cds and stuff, Comergy for combo points and energy (will be replacing that one soon as it hasn't been updated since the beginning of MoP).


Since keybinds, as well as a bar with no cd abilities, are not visible on the video (and even if they were, they probably wouldn't make any sense to you):
If you're wondering where the hell are abilities like Revealing Strike, Rupture etc they are build in the macros to work with a CTRL modifier. I have all my class abilities keybound (exceptions are stuff like pickpocket or lockpicking).

UI in the video is mostly up to date. I just added trinket procs to my player frame so they are easier to track and I added Weak Auras for my Vanish/ Preparation and Virmen's Bite.

General Information

Alts that can be of use:

and - this one is getting her legendary cloak this week

My DK is tank only, while my Priest is dps only.

Connection: UPC 80Mb Download / 10Mb upload. My MS on Turalyon is 30-40 (same as on my old sever). It is steady and reliable. - hope I chose the right server for the test.

Authenticator: Yup, I have one.

Why Pure ?: I found you guys through WoWProgress and you look like the kind of guild I'd like to be in with serious and dedicated progress.

What you think you can bring to Pure ? Attendance, skill, dedication, no drama, friendly attitude.

Additional notes: Thank you for considering my application. If you have any more questions or doubts don't hesitate to ask and I hope I get to raid with you guys soon.
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Thank you for your application. We will get back to you soon.
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I am going to offer you a trial. However you must make sure you are very well prepared for the fights in your first week of trial. A major factor is your lack of boss kills in this tier, so i expect real hard work to make sure you keep up. Just so you know i really liked your enthusiasm when you spoke to me. So i wish you all the best with your trial in Pure. I expect good things from what you said. :)