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Name: Miguel

Age: 20

Location: Portugal

Your Character & Stats

Character name (include armory link): Morve ( Armory Link )

Character class: Druid

Character spec/offspec (Please describe your experience with, and gear level (not gearscore) of your offspec set):

Main spec: Restoration - 573
Off-Spec: Balance - 567 (no set bonus) I have player balance several times as offspec in the current expansion but i would say i am pretty experienced with it, in Icc it was my main spec.

Please explain why you selected these talents and why you believe they are optimal for your raid performance:

T1: I mainly use Displacer Beast, however some fights where emergencies are not very often i would choose Feline Swiftness;
T2: Ysera's Gift - it has the best output out of the 3;
T3: This is very situational but Typhoon;
T4: This really depend on which fight we are doing, but Incarnation i would use in case we need more cds/having mana problems, i personally like Force of Nature atm but Soul of The Forest is equally good, but since i am using 13k haste cap my spells are very hasted alredy :)
T5: Again situational but definately between Ursol's Vortex or Mighty Bash
T6: I pick Nature's Vigil most of times, Heart of The Wild i will pick if we encounter a fight where dps is needed, at this moment Dream of Cenarius is too weak in terms of healing, Smite Druid was a bad idea xD

Please explain why you selected your glyphs, and why they are beneficial over alternate glyphs:

Glyph of Efflorescence is a must, 20% increase on swiftment and mushrooms became fluflly to hold!
Glyph of Wild Growth, i like the extra targets on wildgrowth
Glyph of Regrowth, Glyph of Rejuvenation and Glyph of the Healing Touch are at about the same level, i am currently using the Regrowth one because usually in 25 mans, the hot is almost useless cause with so many healers targets get toped fast and for that a sure crit is nice :)
Glyphs like the Rebirth, Stampeding Roar are very situational in case a fight requires them.

Character professions (and how these benefit your raid performance):

Alchemy - Offers me the normal boost like most professions and i get the option of getting extra spirit or intelect.

Engineering - Offers me a use cooldown and the rocket boots can be used for emergencies. Even the glider can reduce run time :)

How do you rate your primary / secondary stats in order of importance? Explain why / how you came to this conclusion:
At the moment:

Spirit of about 16000, but basically i will sort it out with what i feel confartable with.
Haste to 13163

I came to this conclusion, after checking a lot of guides, talking with other pro players and forums.

Explain your reforging strategy, and why it benefits your character:

I use AskmrRobot with my own settings, and i ussualy check it twice to make sure its all right. But this is sadly gonna go away :)

Total /played time: 235 days
Total /played time at 90: 43 days


Please provide detailed information on your raiding history throughout previous expansions, and your experience level of current raiding hard modes (please specify 10 or 25 man experience):

Current Content:
Soo: 13/14 Hc 25 man
ToT: 13/13 HC 10 man
Toes: 4/4 N 10 man
Hof:6/6 N 10 man
MSV: 2/6 HC, 6/6 N 10 man

Dragon Soul: 8/8 HC 10 man (rogue and druid)
Firelands: 7/8 HC, killed Ragnaros later on. 10 man
BWD: 6/6 HC, got Nefarian Realm First 25 man
BOT:4/5 HC, got Chogall Realm First, almost killed Sinestra in current content. 25 man
TotFW: 1/2 HC, killed Al'kir later. 25 man

ICC: All HC but Lich King at proper time. 25 man
Older content I didn’t do anything worthwhile.

In the current raiding tier, how would you approach the different encounters and how would your class benefit progression / the raiding squad:

Before any encounter (for the fisrt time) i try to study it over then just normal tactics and see how can i take advantage on everything, also the very fisrt progression fights are important to really find out what and when needs healing so i can prepare myself for it.

Please provide recent World of Logs / Warcraftlogs / Epeen Bot reports (or similar):

Previous guild(s) and reasons for leaving:

High Tempest – I would like to keep to myselft for now, if you need to know them i will let you know in private no problem.
Zulu – I felt the progression rate was too slow for me so i applied for a better guild, at the 3rd week of Soo we still hadnt killed garrosh normal -.-

Raid attendance in your previous guild:
At High Tempest i raided 4 days a week, and i was atleast 95% - 100% of the times there. When i join a guild i take it seriously like a real job, if you miss you just get fired + i feel bad by missing raids as i wanna be a part of the progress.

Do you have Ventrilo/Mumble and a working microphone:

Yes, i have a Razer Megalon

Please list all sources you commonly use for Theorycrafting:

I use websites such as , Elitist Jerks, Icy Veins, Armory (scouting hardcore raiders), several druid blogs i can find, and my brain!

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in raids:

Dbm, WeakAuras, Skada, Quartz, Bartender, TidyPlates.

Are you able to make our raid times? We only raid three days so expect potential applicants to be able to make all of them:

Yes i can, and i am very likely to join most of the optional raids that will be scheduled.

Provide a high resolution screenshot or preferably video displaying all your keybindings and your user interface in a raiding environment. This is a mandatory field to allow us to inspect your choice of UI and keybindings. Failure to include a screenshot with your application will result in a decline:

Alredy fixed the focus target on the top of my buffs :)
Video of UI, i tryed using most of the keybinds , let me know if you want me to make a list of all of them :)

General Information

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so please provide details regarding spec/gear:

Death Knight - Frost - 522 (this is my best geared alt , yah not very high )
Altough i can play and have at full level, Priest, Mage, Warrior, Warlock, Shaman, Hunter, Paladin and a rogue at 85 which i raided in Dragon Sould with, yah i am a nerd xD

What type of internet connection do you have, how reliable is it and what is your typical raiding latency (Also please provide result):

I have a cable conection with fiber, its very reliable and my latency is just fine around 120ms +/-.

Do you have a Authenticator attached to this account:


Reasons why you would like to join (and what you expect from Pure):

A incredibely combination of progresion/raiding time which cleary shows that you are indeed great.

How did you hear of Pure:

A guy called Nicma in Darkstorm - Zenedar ( i am a Social here atm ). According to him your melle officer is a god, that fanboy :p

What you think you can bring to Pure:

I can bring a good vibe, i am a likeable guy, good healing/dps, good attendace, effort into increasing progression and environment.

Additional notes from you:

I dont mind joining voice interview and i am HORDE but the hardest it will cost, i dont mind changing for a better good ;)
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Thank you for your application. We will get back to you soon.
#9053142 Feb 03, 2014 at 11:02 PM
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This is my offspec stats:

Hit: 22.32% (healing gear sucks) still have tot trinkets :/
Mastery: 39.66%
Haste: 24.21%
Crit: 34.14%

"When pushing the limits, sometimes you discover they also push back"
#9078461 Feb 09, 2014 at 12:21 PM
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We cannot offer you a trial at this time. Good luck finding a guild that suits you.
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