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Name: Karl

Age: 23

Location: United Kingdom

Your Character & Stats

Character name: Xéno (Warlock) -

Character spec/offspec: Destruction + Affliction

With my Warlock being a re-roll early SoO, I have decent experience as both Destruction and Affliction when needed. Considering Demonology isn't overly strong, i've spent less time learning the spec than others but will put time into before WoD as to understand all specs in-depth.

Please explain why you selected these talents and why you believe they are optimal for your raid performance:
  • Tier 1 - Soul Leech - Passive damage absorb! What's not to love?
  • Tier 2 - Shadowfury is what i'm currently using for Thok progression to stun bats. Will also be useful on Siegecrafter aswell as other encounters with adds in SoO! This tier is very optional as none of them particularly offer huge increases.
  • Tier 3 - I switch between Sac Pact and Soul Link depending on the fight. Sac Pact is a good "On-Use" defencive and Soul Link is a very strong health gain aswell as a minor passive mitigation. Again, it depends on the fight. I tend to favor Sac Pact is I prefer having an ability in my control to save myself for whatever reason.
  • Tier 4 - I play Burning Rush 95% of the time. The increased movement speed is very helpful in alot of encounters. I will also use Unbound Will to dispel certain debuffs in the raid if required.
  • Tier 5 - Currently GoSac is the highest DPS gain for a Destruction Warlock. I play GoSup as Affliction as it is the highest increase to DPS for this Spec.
  • Tier 6 - I play Kil'jaeden's Cunning. Although the thought of having an extra Dark Soul to use as-and-when is appealing, the number of times being able to move and cast becomes more useful, outweighs the need for the extra Dark Soul. This offers me more DPS out of both Destruction and Affliction.

Please explain why you selected your glyphs, and why they are beneficial over alternate glyphs:
  • Major - Siphon Life - Heals me for 0.5% of my HP for every bit of damage I do.
  • Eternal Resolve - Grants me a passive 10% Damage Reduction.
  • Soulstone - Lets me Battle Rez people with 100% health.

The Warlock "Minor" glyphs offer nothing of value to the raid team or myself. Purely vanity. The "Major" glyphs I have are currently considered the best with nothing suggesting that we use anything differant.

Character professions (and how these benefit your raid performance):
  • Tailoring - They offer the extra cloak procc which increases Intellect. Very useful for when you have embers waiting for a Chaos Bolt!
  • Engineering - Adds a very strong Intellect CD every 1minute.

How do you rate your primary/secondary stats in order of importance? Explain why/how you came to this conclusion:
  • Single-target: Int > Hit > Haste > Mastery > Crit
  • Multi-target : Int > Hit > Mastery > Haste > Crit

Currently, Destruction has 2 differant types of builds. Due to how the Mastery works, the more adds you get, the more damage you get! If the fight is purely single target, then you stack Haste. Due to the current raiding climate in SoO where there are constantly extra mobs you can cleave off, the majority of Warlocks currently role with the Multi-target build to maximize the damage. It is also the same stat priority as Affliction so it means you can build a gear set for both to use when possible!

Explain your reforging strategy, and why it benefits your character:
  • If Hit capped, I reforge whatever possible into Mastery > Haste.
  • If not Hit capped, I reforge Hit > Mastery > Haste.

Total /played time: Warlock: 271 Days

Total /played time at 90: Warlock: 20 Days


Please provide detailed information on your raiding history throughout previous expansions, and your experience level of current raiding hard modes (please specify 10 or 25 man experience):

Vanilla - N/A

The Burning Crusade
  • Karazhan - Cleared (10m)
  • Zul'Aman - Cleared (No Timed/10m)
  • Gruul's Lair - Cleared (25m)
  • Magtheridons Lair - Cleared (25m)
  • Tempest Keep - Cleared (25m)
  • Serpentshrine Cavern - Cleared (25m)
  • Mount Hyjal - Cleared - (25m)
  • Black Temple - Cleared -(25m)
  • Sunwell Plateau - Upto Mu'ru (25m)

Wrath Of The Lich King
  • Naxxramas - Cleared (10m/25m - Including achievements excluding "The Immortal")
  • Obsidian Sanctum - Cleared (10m/25m - Including achievements excluding "of the Nightfall")
  • Eye of Eternity - Cleared (10m/25m - Including achievements)
  • Ulduar - Cleared (10m/25m - Including both Meta Achievements)
  • Trial of the Grand Crusader - Cleared (10m/25m - Upto Anub on 25m)
  • Icecrown Citadel - Cleared (10m/25m - Including both Meta Achievements)
  • Ruby Santum - Cleared (10m/25m)

  • Blackwing Descent - Cleared (25m)
  • Throne of the Four Winds (25m - No Al'akir as current)
  • The Bastion of Twilight - Cleared (25m)
  • Firelands - (10m - No Ragnaros as current)
  • Dragon Soul - Cleared (10m)

Mists Of Pandaria
  • Mogushan Vaults - Cleared (10m)
  • Heart of Fear (10m - No Empress as current)
  • Terrace Of Endless Spring (N/A)
  • Throne of Thunder - (10m - No Lei Shen/Ra Den as current)
  • Siege of Orgrimmar - (10m - Currently 10/14HC)

In the current raiding tier, how would you approach the different encounters and how would your class benefit progression/the raiding squad:
As a Warlock I bring a few unique benefits to the raid team. On encounters where there is a high amount of movement required, I would offer the use of the portal. Each encounter can provide different challenges for a raid composition and must be though about carefully to maximize progress made during encounters. Warlock, thankfully, has always been one of the leading DPS classes of the game if not the strongest and comes self-equipped with a huge arsenal of personal mitigation/healing and can be used for several different reasons in SoO. Warlocks are always one of the first picked classes within a raid team for this reason.

Please provide recent World of Logs / Warcraftlogs / Epeen Bot reports (or similar): - Thok Heroic Progress - Some of the previous clear - The collection of logs.

Previous guild(s) and reasons for leaving:
  • Eminence - Khadgar - TBC > WotLK - Left due to the Guild Management slowly becoming incapable of leading the guild. The guild was on a verge on disbanding as I decided to leave. They disbanded 3 days later.
  • Reunion - Khadgar - WotLK - I joined and several weeks later, the majority of Officers left to join eXperience. The guild disbanded.
  • Risen - Khadgar - WotLK - My first attempt at running a guild. With members from Eminence and Reunion we tried to make a name for ourselves on the server. Due to some bad officer choices and drama between the 2 different group of friends, we disbanded.

  • Tanked and Spanked - Aszune - WotLK > Cata - I joined these guys for the remainder of ICC and all of the next tier. Shortly into starting FL progress, I got a new job and could no longer raid and stepped down.
  • Vanquished - Khadgar - Cata - I went back to Khadgar to raid with some old friends. The guild was already in trouble as I joined and the guild disbanded shortly into DS progression.
  • Risen - Khadgar - Cata > MoP - Several of my friends who still raided decided we should try running the guild again. We succeeded and finished DS and started MoP progression. Due to not breaking between DS and MoP, alot of members experienced "Burn out" and decided to stop raiding.
  • Raptum - Shattered Hand - MoP - I was approached by the GM to raid with these guys. I stuck out the majority of the tier until several members stopped raiding. We recruited to fill the gap but the recruits weren't upto par and we decided to stop raiding.
Risen EU - Twisting Nether - MoP - Long story short; Friends came back to raiding and here we are. Over the early stages of ToT, many members felt Prot Paladin would be of better benefit to the guild so I leveled, geared and re-rolled over a few weeks. We finally got on our feet and managed to kill 11/13HC. In SoO, we lost several of our core DPS. They literally vanished. We had the option of having an old friend join on his tank and people suggested that I re-roll Warlock. So, again, I did as asked!

Currently, the guild is going through a very difficult time. Lack of quality in players with only 4-5 of us being reliable and carrying the team. The officers have decided that we will be disbanded over the coming weeks unless something drastically changes.

Raid attendance in your previous guild:
I've missed around 3 raids over the last 8 months.

Do you have Ventrilo/Mumble and a working microphone:
Yes and yes and I am very vocal when needed.

Please list all sources you commonly use for Theorycrafting:

Please provide a list of addons you use which help you perform your role in raids:
Warlock: AffDoTs - Quartz - WeakAuras - Galvin's Unit Bars - BigWigs - GTFO - Tidy Plates

Are you able to make our raid times? We only raid three days so expect potential applicants to be able to make all of them:

Provide a high resolution screenshot or preferably video displaying all your keybindings and your user interface in a raiding environment. This is a mandatory field to allow us to inspect your choice of UI and keybindings. Failure to include a screenshot with your application will result in a decline:

Warlock Bindings:
1-6 - Immolate, Chaos Bolt, Conflag, Incinerate, Shadow Burn, Shadowfury
Q - Rain Of Fire
F - Curse of Elements
F1 - Dark Soul
F2 - Bezerking
` - Fire and Brimstone

Hopefully the rest of the bindings are clear, if not I will type the rest.

General Information

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so please provide details regarding spec/gear: - Not geared but I do have experience and would be willing to re-roll if required. - Geared to current standards. Would be willing to play if needed.

Both of these characters have MoP experience aswell as some of my DS experience. I did have a Guardian Druid but deleted it when I didn't want to server transfer for it! Can get it restored if you need proof of experience.

What type of internet connection do you have, how reliable is it and what is your typical raiding latency (Also please provide result):

Do you have a Authenticator attached to this account:

Reasons why you would like to join (and what you expect from Pure):
I want to join a guild where it doesn't feel like a burden to raid. I want to be part of an ever growing community where I can socialize and I can clear content in a fast and efficient manner. Pure has continued to grow in strength over the tiers and I would very much like to be a part of it. I would only ever expect to be given fair opportunity within the guild to show that I feel I can perform to the standards and show that I belong in a higher standing guild unlike that I am currently part of.

How did you hear of Pure:

What you think you can bring to Pure:
I can bring a strong and experienced raider. I enjoy the push of progression and take it seriously but can have a great laugh whilst doing it. I have seen and cleared the majority of content and current level. I love to wipe and learn new encounters and I am forever looking for new ways of tackling bosses and improving my own ability within the game. I have been a GM and I have seen the drama and stress that comes along with it. I understand the way guilds run quite well and what is need to always make sure that the guild comes first.

Additional notes from you:
I'm not a re-roll addict! I've only ever changed for the benefit of my raid team. My experience from this expansion is mainly based over my Warrior and Paladin but the latest is on my Warlock!

Hope this covers everything you need!
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Thank you for your application. We will get back to you soon.
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We cannot offer you a trial at this time. Good luck finding a guild that suits you.
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