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Name: Lexii

Age: 23

Location: United Kingdom

Your character's armory:

Your warcraftlogs reports:

I recently moved to ally- here are my last week of logs as alliance:
Previous horde logs:

Your raiding UI (video or screenshot):


What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?

Permafrost - Stormscale (nov 15- dec 16): I was joint guild master with my other half. I ran the raid team, dealt with recruitment, promotions/demotions, deciding vote on rc lootcouncil and did tactics for every raid. My reason for leaving was because I didn't want to run an entire guild any more and instead wanted to go back to just being a full time raider as I was studying at the time and did not have the spare time to spend doing everything for the guild.

AwoL - Stormscale (dec 16- current): I joined this guild as their main resto shaman on the team. I have attended every raid since and completed multiple Cutting Edge achievements with them. The guild disbanded a few weeks ago due to lack of raiders.

Carnage Inc - I was approached by the GM and asked to join their guild for a trial. They said they want to push bosses quickly and raid to a high standard but I am not finding this. Players do not focus as much as I'd like and progress is slow so I am looking for a new guild that I can raid high tier content with and be a part of in future raids to come.

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?

Yes, I have my 930 Mistweaver monk LĂȘxii. She has currently only completed 3/9M of this raid but I raided with her in majority of mythic HFC back in WoD.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?

I am looking for a raiding guild that progress at a good pace to finish this tier and future content with. I like that your guild only raids mythic 3 days a week and yet makes fast progress. I believe I can play to the high standards of your raiders and hopefully by looking at my latest logs you'll be able to see that I mainly performed within the 90s for each mythic boss. My logs before this on horde were unfortunately lower but this is due to the amount of healers used. For example Mistress my old guild always 5 healed but my logs from this week were 98 due to the fact that we had 3 main healers and 1 healer dpsing and only healing if he felt it was truly needed. I like to be pushed and challenged and I hope you'll give me the chance to show that I can raid to the standard of the others on your team.
My goal is to keep raiding high end content and make good, solid progression with a guild while also having fun. I like to stay up to date with knowledge on my class and maintain a high standard of skill.

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?

I expect to join a guild that is friendly, inviting and does lots of mythic+ for ap, gear and fun but then during raid times has raiders that can settle down, focus and give 100% to the raid for the whole duration.
In return from me you can expect a reliable and hard working raider. I stay updated on my class and always push myself and my logs as much as possible. I will always be ready before raid time with flasks, food, runes and mana pots. I also always carry tomes of the tranquil mind in case raiders need them to talent swap. I also make vantus runes if needed and always did this and deposited them into the AwoL guild bank when I raided with them.

How did you hear of Pure?

I found your guild via wow progress and was impressed by your raiding progress.

Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?

I don't know anyone in Pure.

Your battle.tag:


Additional notes:

I have had a passion for WoW ever since I was introduced to it back in the beginning of MoP. I am a dedicated, hard working raider and I always give 100% at every raid. I've never been phased by wipes and instead I just become more determined to kill the boss.
I hope you will give me the opportunity to prove how loyal and dedicated I am to a guild and I hope to hear from you soon.
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Hi Lexii,

Thanks for your application, we'll review it and get back to you shortly.

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Hi Lexii,

Thanks again for your application, I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

"Helms should rename his pet to 'master'" Mint 2014