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Name: George

Age: 25

Location: Cardiff,Wales

Your character's armory:

Your warcraftlogs reports:

Your raiding UI (video or screenshot): . Big Wigs appear top left


What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?

Raid History:

Wrath of The Lich King

<Versus> on Ravencrest : 12/13HC 25 man ICC

<Oblivion> on Ravencrest. 13/13 HC 10 man ICC

Cataclysm :

<Dusk till Dawn> (Ravencrest): 6/7 HC Firelands

Mist of Pandaria :

<Don't break the CC> (Ravencrest): 10/12 HC ToT

Warlords of Draenor :

Nemurenai> : 6/7 M Highmaul

<SSC Crew> : 7/7 M HM and 7/10 M BRF

<Aftershock> : 13/13 M HFC after nerf


<SSC CREW>: 7/7 M Emerald Nightmare

<Dark Substance> 7/7 M EN and 2/3M Guarm with 100+ tries on helya

<Order of Sargeras> : 7/9M TOS with 50+ tries on Avatar

Guild History

<Dusk Til Dawn> : A couple of hardcore raiders decided to take a more semi-hardcore approach to the game and formed this guild during Firelands. It was one of the best guilds I have been into. Great atmosphere along with quality raiding.Unfortunately the guild disbanded, since most of the raiders decided to stop playing the game and I decided to focus on my studies

<Don't break the CC> : One of the officers from <Dusk til Dawn> decided to make his own guild and asked me to join him. I ended up stopping for that tier and till the end of MOP because I had a health issue I couldn't ignore. The role I had in this guild is being healing officer.

<Nemurenai> : Joined the guild at the start of Warlords, but after our Kor'agh kill , the majority of the raiders had arguments with how the guild master and officers run the guild so they decided to leave and make their own.That leaded to the guild disbanding. My role in that guild was assigning the healing cooldowns for all the fights.

<SSC Crew> : The guild that raiders from nemurenai created. I joined them and we managed to finish Highmaul and have a good progress and world ranking during BRF. Unfortunately the guild didnt last and disbanded during April of 2015. The guild though was reformed during legion and we managed to clear Emerald Nightmare, but after our kill on Xavius gm and officers decided to make the guild Finish only.

<Aftershock> : After <SSC Crew> disbanded I took a year off from WoW and focused on my studies. A couple of months before legion, I started playing again and joined <Aftershock>. I liked the social part of the guild, but as far as raiding is concerned it was pretty bad. So since I was searching for something that better suited my needs I decided to move back to my old guild <SSC Crew> that have been reformed in Legion. No special roles in that guild since i was with them for a couple of months

<Dark Substance> : I have been with DS for a couple months. At that time I didn't have internet at my place and going to internet cafe's to play was stressing me because the only one that was close to me was 40 minutes away by walking. For that reason I decided to stop playing and came back at August.

<Order of Sargeras> : When I returned in August after my 10 month break a well renowned guild in Kazzak <Order of Sargeras> started reforming after a 5 month break. In almost one and a half month after we started raiding we managed to clear 7/9M through many difficulties..People were leaving for no good reason and the people who were coming weren't that good <pesronality wise> and skill wise to sustain the guild and this led to a situation that got out of hand really fast.. The atmosphere in the guild is toxic with people insulting each other and honestly not caring at all for raiding. The raid leader is good, but he is the only officer/gm/raid leader in the guild and he can't manage eveything alone,so that stresses him a lot and he cant faction as a proper raid leader. Also most of the people are just bad. They dont follow tactics because they care about their logs and even then they still sit in around 50% percentile in all 7 bosses. To sum it up I cant stand anymore the situation that the guild is in because it demotivates me as a player.

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?

Yes I have a priest :

For the majority of my WoW career, I have been a healer and have experience in all of healing classes, but mainly Priest and Shaman. Also most of my progress is on my priest as a healer.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?

Pure has a lot of years of remarkable history in World of Warcraft which makes the guild very stable both in the social and raiding aspect of the game and stability with high quality raiding is my goal. I also want to find a guild I can call home and stay with them for a lot time.

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?

I am motivated, loyal and my performance is solid.

Motivated because I want to play as hardcore as I can and determined to be a part of Pure ! I do all possible content and play as much as I can to get all the legendaries and be ready for Antorus.

Loyal because in every guild I have been in I gave it my all and stayed until the point that I believed I couldnt give any more.

I am someone who plays for the team so The TEAM COMES ALWAYS FIRST. If I am being benched because my class is not usefull for the fight I will not complain or leave like some people do. If the team wants me to do something I will do it NO MATTER WHAT!

I am a multiclasser and I can play any class given with fast(time wise) learning curve.

When I do a mistake I man up and admit it without excuses and I immediately try to fix it without happening again! There will be times that I will fail and if I see that my performance is not solid I will ask for a bench so I wont hold the guild back

Furthermore, I believe I ‘ll be a very valuable asset to Pure with my motivation, my always positive attitude, my “never give up” spirit, my passion for World of Warcraft and my jokes. Specially my jokes.

What I am expecting from pure is a healthy envirnoment and quality raiding where people actually want to raid and not waste their time.

How did you hear of Pure? From WoWprogress.

Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you? Unfortunately no

Your battle.tag: George#2456

Additional notes: I will tell you a joke

A man walks into a bar and sees his friend sitting beside a 12-inch peanut. He says to his friend. “That’s amazing. How did you get that?”

The Man pulls out a bottle and tells him to rub it and make a wish. He rubs the bottle, and a puff of smoke pops out and tells him that he can have only one wish. So, the man thinks and says, “I wish I had a million bucks!”

The genie says, “OK, go outside and your wish will be granted.”

The man goes outside, but all he finds are ducks filling the sky and the roads. He goes back in and tells his friend what happened.

Then his friend replies, “I know. Did you really think I wanted a 12-inch peanut?”
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Hi Mavlock,

Thanks for the application. However, I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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