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Before I link my logs.I want you to know one thing.I sometimes change my nickname just for fun or troll my friends.However I am kinda suffering because of that since my logs are all belong different nicknames.I ll summrize some important logs now :)
1- (this is my main dk atm.I played my dk for aggramar progress mostly.and some of the fights which mass grip is nice ) (this is older name of my dk.I played with this nickname in ToS .you can check tos logs ).

2- (my guardian druid logs.I played with druid in nighthold ToS and some of antorus bosses .)

3- (I played with this monk only for argus progression .)
I played all 6 tanks throughout legion expansion.I just played whatever tank class is needed for specific fights.I never push dps during progression .I am sure you dont judge the tank by looking at dmg logs etc.But If you want to see my dmg logs.I can provide some specific logs for you :) because I am kinda like playing defensive and doing average dps logs during progression.

My raiding ui:


[b]What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?
Emerald nightmare+ToV- Execute order (world 180th ) guild stopped raiding after ToV.

Nighthold The Reckless (World 360th) (People didnt satisfy my expectations.a few of the reckless's dps didnnt even know simple boss tacts during progression. )so I just left them after we finish the content.

Tomb of sargeras+antorus until (coven )world 130th Without a trace.The reason why I left without a trace is,we killed varimathras as world 130th just by doing 2/3days raiding.Then just because some of the officers wanted to take a break for 1month.They stopped raiding for 1 MONTH.I Can provide the screenshot that proves it.We killed varimathras as world 130th.and then 1 month brreak.coven world 330th. (
DONT get me wrong please.I am not that kind of people that leaves guilds often. I am just unlucky to stay in one.I just couldnt find a stable guild during legion.I changed and try different guilds because of that reason.After I left without a trace.I a few different guilds but they werent the serious things.I just helped them out during their prrogression.I kinda gave up progression after aggramar.Helped some friend guild.You can check those by looking at their first kills :)

For example :CATASTROPHE-aggrmar world 129th.(I am on first kill with my dk tank .I was main tanking theboss .Its my friends guild .)
In short, I just want a stable guild environment with stable progression and constant number of raid days.thats all I loook for.

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?
I kinda explained it above.I can play all 6 tanks at same level.I played with my all tanks actively over legion expansion

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?
To be honest, There is no specific reason that I applied Pure. I applied pure because pure looks like a stable and solid progression guild.YES,progression is the most important thing for me. If players try to do everything correct and If they put their best efforts to kill the boss.Thats the guild I want. Most of the guilds I left, some of the players were always like 'HELLLO GUYS, I am your raider.I didnt watch any guides for bosses.Tell me the tacts.I do my DPS' I just hate that kind of attitude and If the officers are not doing anything about it.I cant be playing in that guild. I hope I dont look like arrogant or smt.I am just being honest.I think I have been suffering those kind of things since I was playing in 2/3days raiding guilds.but yeah its not easy to find a guild that needs tank+doing 3/4days solid raid.Only my last guild (without a trace )was really fine,all of the raiders were really good,however as I told you above, they randomly decided 1month break and ruined all the thing.

[b]What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?
I can bring consistent tanking with any of tank classes.I can provide really low amount of fails/wrong decisions in fights.100%attendance always.

[b]How did you hear of Pure?
Wowprogress :)

[b]Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?
no I dont know anyone.I have been playing in Twisting nether for 4 years.

[b]Your battle.tag:CuzWeGotSwag#2929

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If u want to see me in are some first kill videos.
aggramar first kill world 129th (I am playing dk tank :Hobbidklol )

varimathras first kill world 140th.(I am playing druid tank here:Feelingrich -they wanted roar for frost phase,thats why I played druid on first kill lol )

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By the way,I forgot the add the reason why I want to leave my current guild CATASTROPHE is,that they decided to go hardcore for bfa.Which means that first week 7 days raid,including some day raids, plus 2nd week 6days raid.I really dont want to do 6-7days raiding thats why I am changing my guild .
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Hi Hobbidk,

Thanks for your application. After reviewing it I'm afraid we will not be offering you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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