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Personal Information
Hey guys, just a short introduction before starting the real application. My name is Yorick, and I'm currently 25 years old (26 in just a few days). I'm from the Netherlands and I'm a teacher in a primary school. I've been playing WoW since I was 12 - started somewhere late vanilla / early TBC. I've played WoW both Hardcore and Casual, but the desire to experience the latest raiding content has never left me! I tend to write lenghty stuff, and this application was no exception, I want to thank you in advance for taking the time in reading this. It was fun for me to go down memory lane!

Quick note: This application is your application form and some additional questions added that I felt were nessecary to share. Some questions have been merged.

Character Information

Name: Yardy
Class: Druid
Total time played on this character: 451 days, 17 of which are on level 120
Main Spec: Balance.
Armory link: Link to Armory

My Battletag is Yar#2484

Please link any combat log:
Latest heroic clear - Link*
Mythic Progress on Vectis - Link
Mythic Taloc/MOTHER/Zekvoz - Link

General performance logs this expansion - Link

*Another quick note: I got 2 new trinkets since the latest heroic raid. Bother are simmed to be top damage trinkets for balance druids. Therefor I'm going to assume my next heroic logs will be far better damage wise.

Current stat priorities and strengths and benefits of Balance druids in raids:
Haste > Crit/Vers > Mastery

I get this information from several sources. Never just one source. I speak with some boomkin friends in game, or people that I used to play with. I like to test different stuff myself as well (same goes with talent trees, for example full moon or no?). MMO-champ forums is good to read discussions but never a real clear answer haha. I'd find myself checking out stats, gear, rotations of other boomkins on WoWlogs or Worldofgraphs a lot as well.

Websites like Bloodmallet, Raidbots and AskmrRobot are in my bookmarks when it comes to simming my character.

I'd say the strenght of a boomkin comes in his mobility and multi-dotting / cleaving abilities. It's outclassed in burst AoE damage and purely single target fights. However a good boomkin will always be able to compete with the top spots for DPS. You can quite easily mess something up with not managing the Lunar/Solar Empowerments well. It's a fun class to play (also the only one I've actually raided top tier with, so I don't know about all the other possible fun stuff!) and it has a little challenge to it. I truly enjoy playing Moonkin.

Experience & Raiding

Please list all of your previous raid progress since you started the game:
I started raiding as a casual in my first guild on Azjol-Nerub. Got into the alt raids of a guild called 'Underdogs'. This was a server community guild with alts from the 2 top guilds and random well known players on the server. This was during the end of TBC when I got a good grasp of how this game worked. I played as a restoration druid back then.
I proved myself to be a worthy addition to that alt/casual/friends raid group and got invited to raid with a guild called Dogwatch. This was the second ranked guild on the server, somewhere around 1200 world ranked. This lasted throughout WotLK. During the final tier of Wrath, the guild disbanded. I tried my luck applying to Barbarians, the #1 ranked guild on the server, however, they thought the leap from rank 1200 to top 50 raiding was a little steep and declined my application.

I was frustrated, because I knew I had the skills and time (yay highschool!) to be a great raider in their roster. With a salty taste in my mouth I applied to a friends guild on Zenedar called Slap. Slap was a top 500 raiding guild a the time, so still a step up from what I was used to. I got accepted and passed my trial pretty fast. I raided with them during Cataclysm and the first tier of MoP. 2 weeks before MoP launched, the raid leader quit the game and I took over the roll as raid leader. I got my realms first level 90 on a pretty populated server together with 4 other people from Slap. We ran heroics on the first or second day and were ready for MGV. We went at it hardcore, raiding 7 days in the first week. Our top ranked kill was on Spiritbinder where we ranked #57 worldwide (and beating Barbarians - hah!). However...during this time there was a great difference between 25 and 10 man raiding. Unbeknownst to me, 10 core raiders including the tanks wanted to take a more casual approach to the game and left the guild. This left me demotivated and I stopped with the game alltogether after getting to Elegon.

I came back to the game a few months later, but mainly for the PvP and casual raid finder, having fun farming achievements etc. I hardly raided in WoD, but maintained the more casual approach. However, the desire to see the latest content never went away. I tried pugging, but I never felt satisfied. In Legion several of my friends returned to the game and we gave EN a shot at 'serious' raiding. We cleared the Mythic while only raiding 1 day week. Most of my friends got bored again and the raiding stagnated. I again went back to the casual approach. And now we're in BfA. I'm currently raiding 4 days a week with people that are not motivated to play the game. The atmosphere during raids is just filled with anger and I find myself with a feeling of emptiness during raiding hours. Two days ago the Raid Leader announced he's leaving the position as raid leader which sparked a few more raiders to step down. We no longer have a full raiding roster for Mythic and therefor I'm now looking at new oppertunities.

Recent guilds, what positions did you hold, and why you left?
The recent two guilds are Do Not Release. It's a community guild which consists of several guilds like The Sunreavers. It's filled with Role Players and people that are casual and are enjoying the game in a different way. I've joined this community during the WoD days when I was playing on alts and decided to move my druid there while I played purely for achievements, collecting items and general banter.

The second guild is the one I'm currently in, which is Legalise Peacebloom. A long standing raiding guild on Argent Dawn with a very classic name. I chose to raid with them because they have a very stable core and I thought I'd be able to experience the latest raiding tiers with them. But, as it turned out, it only took 1 person to step down to cause a domino-effect of people leaving.

I was hesitant applying to top raiding guilds straight away, because I wasn't sure if I was washed up or not. But after analyzing my own logs, comparing avoidable damage taken, healing tonic/health stones used etc I came to the conclusion that I can still hold my own in Mythic raids. After looking up some guilds, you caught my eye on WoWProgress and thus I am now applying.

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?
I've raided on my shadowpriest in the past. However that character is still level 115. I do have a semi-geared (351 ilevel) Demon Hunter (DPS). I can't say I have any raid experience on this character, but I'm willing to maintain and practise on multiple characters (preferably range dps classes).

How stable is your internet connection and do you play on a wireless connection? Can your PC handle WoW well in raids?

I do have a very stable internet connection (Link to speedtest).

As we progress it may mean spending hours wiping on a boss. What's your attitude towards wiping and how do you respond to it?

Wipes happen. They don't frustrate me. It's part of the proces. Even if we wipe the entire night you'll still find me analyzing my own logs after the raids done to see where I could improve as an individual. During raids lately I find myself to be very focussed and quiet in general, so I don't think you'll see my respond to it in game. I might let out a loud sigh after the 30th wipe, but with Push-To-Talk on, that won't be a problem haha.

How do you prepare for raid encounters and keep your class up to date?
To keep up to date with my class I use multiple sources and my own experimentation in game.

Preparing for raid encounters is a mix of watching video's of several sources and angles (like dps, heal and tank PoV videos). On top of that is the standard pre potions, flasks, food (just in case guild feasts run out or something). I also always carry a few stacks of Augmented Runes with me for progress fights.

Why should we select you?
I'm a seasoned raiders that is very eager to step back into proper progression in the WoW raiding scene. I've got a good sense of humor and I am always up for something outside raids, be it dungeons, achievement runs, even Pet Battles! I'm hardworking, both inside and outside the game, and that shows in my preperation for new raiding bosses, tiers and expansions.

Why do you want to join Pure?
I want to raid on a high level, but I can no longer spend 4-5 nights a week doing so. I've done some looking around at guilds that raid 3 nights a week and read some of their websites and available information. I really like what I'm seeing in your guild and I truly hope I can become a part of it!

Thanks for reading my application.
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Hi Yardy,

Thanks for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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