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Your character's armory:

I quit my my earlier raiding guild (Its complicated@TwistingNether) in early BFA due to wanting a slight break from the game as well as not enjoying the grind as much as I thought I would've. As a result I've just been raiding heroic with friends, which means that none of the characters are exceptionally geared, not to fret though, because the motivation and want to play at a high level has returned, which also means I'm more than willing to commit a lot of time into catching up, which won't take that much time, and it's not as if the next tier is close. I don't really have a main, but those are the classes that I have enjoyed the most, at least from what I've tried, so if you're in the position of not wanting a dk or dh, np I'll just roll rogue. I do currently enjoy my arms warrior a lot though, so I'd apreciate it if you'd take that into consideration :)

Your warcraftlogs reports:

This was in the Legion prepatch during HFC. I was quite new to logs, analytical tools etc. at this point, and so I could've done better today. Still, that made me a top 7 warrior in the world, which isn't that bad.

This was our first mythic Elisande kill, which for me was r3 for all windwalkers, and although I know it sounds like bs, I legendary which other WWs had and I didn't really would've made the dps difference. Basically with their legendaries I would've gotten r1, since our dps was that close.

I also had some decent logs on NH farm, such as r5 on Krosus and r3 on Trilliax I believe, but that's farm so not as relevant, here's the Krosus one though.

I didn't actually progress Antorus due to school, but joined for farm and such, it wasn't really a top logs oriented guild though, and so we decided to boost more than go for top logs, which means that the kills wasn't as fast as they could've been, and logs therefore wasn't as great as they possibly could've been, here's the link to Antorus farm pre-empowered artifacts;

Could've been a lot better but some were still bad, such as Argus, but that fight were hard to get high logs on for someone who had a tenth of the attempts that everyone else who actually progressed it had. When the artifacts got empowered I really wanted to push logs, but my guild still just wanted to boost and stuff, which was a shame. I got some pretty decent logs with the empowered artifacts however, such as the following where I did 3mil on Garothi.

I believe those are the most relevant mythic logs. I can also post some heroic ones though.

Your raiding UI (video or screenshot):

Sorry didn't really have one in a raid envoironment


What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?

My raiding experience trails all the way back to the start of MoP, but this wasn't very notable stuff, I'm 20 today, so I was around 14-15 at the time. Heroic was less easy back then, or at least pugging wasn't what it is today, and all of MoP was pretty much achieving curve in every tier, with clearing up till Paragons on mythic during the last tier. I know it's not that impressive, but I was just getting started. During the majority of WoD I was at boarding school or Efterskole for any possible danes in the guild, meaning I was busy being social and shit like that. Late WoD, specifically HFC, marked the start of me raiding on the hardest difficulty. I joined Rebels on Sylvanas, a alliance guild filled with great players, yet newly formed, meaning it only achieved a top 500 world rank. As said though, the guild consisted of good players, who really knew how to play their classes, and so late HFC and during the Legion prepatch we became the guild with some of the fastest speed kills in the world, and therefore some of the best character logs (I linked my warrior's logs during the prepatch, which are pretty good, but would be better if I was as good then as I am today). This includes the fastest Xhul'horac kill in the world, as well as Archimonde, Tyrant and Zakuun if I remember correctly.

We continued into legion, achieving a top 150 rank in EN, but eventually splitting up in ToV due to players wanting different things and some having to focus on IRL, which is completely understandable. I joined Clemency at this point, and we achieved a top 95 rank in NH. The GM of the guild had to move to another country and work, and thus a new guild was born with the same players, Its complicated. I didn't progress ToS with them due to school pressure being a bit high for a while, but rejoined for Antorus, where we again achieved a top 100 rank, and achieved nice logs consistently on farm as well. That's pretty much my experience, and so to conclude, I can say that I'm aware of the level needed to achieve a good rank, and the pressure it might entale.

I've never had any issues with fellow raiders, and leaving a previous guild has never been because of drama or anything like that, simply people having different priorities. I'm tired of having to find different guilds though, and I'm hoping this guild can be a more permanent home :)

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?

I've been raiding consistently at a relatively high level since HFC, from which point I played warrior till EN, where I grew tired of it and wanted to try out windwalker given how unique they were in legion. I really enjoyed windwalker, and so even though it had it's up and downs throughout the expansion, I never mained anything else, till now. I'm not one to pride myself and boast, so my bad if this makes me sound like a dork, but I can honestly say that I'm very good with playing multiple specs/classes at a high level, damage output has never been a issue with me. I like keeping multiple classes up to date, so that I can switch them should they be more viable for progression. My view on a main is that a person should be able to play the spec they want on farm, but should keep in mind that you sometimes want certain comps for certain bosses, and that shamans for instance just aren't that great for progress. To a degree, having multiple classes being viable therefore gives one an edge or advantage :) hard work pays off.

As said I don't really have a main per se, but the most geared character is my DH (370). Havoc is pretty straightforward, as most other specs you have a energy generator and a few spenders with some talents to spice it up with. The opener depends on your traits, I currently have 2x Thirsting blades, meaning that my first Annihilation/Chaos strike will be free of cost and do extra damage. Every time you use that ability there's a chance that you'll refund some fury, meaning that I might actually gain fury from using that as a first ability, which means that I won't have to press my generator in order to gain enough fury for Eye beam, which you use on CD. The core of the spec is that it's very fast paced and that the DH who manages to get the most GCDs out of the fight and keep the relevant abilities on cd the best will win. Those relevant abilities being eyebeam, immolation aura and blade dance. Just like all other dps specs one should never cap on your resource, and you should always as havoc presume that your next chaos strike will generate fury. On cleave and aoe is an exception, as a eye beam is much more powerful in such a scenario, and is therefore worth holding over for some time if needed. If you want I can go into detailed openers and rotations for the other classes and spec that I play, but I'm not sure making this application incredibly long is good or not, so will hold back for now :)

As said, I completely understand if the management of the guild were to confront me mid progress and ask me to switch class or be benched, as it's for the best of the guild which has prio ofc :) I'm a good multi-class player.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?

I'm a very straightforward guy with straightforward goals. I want to raid 3-4 times a week, achieve a respectable world rank, get good logs and have fun with my fellow raiders, all of which I'm sure can be found in your guild :) Also the guild name is cool!

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?

I just hope to be a part of the team and just be another raider; I believe that I'm a good player, able to follow commands as well as provide good numbers and perform the mecanics nicely, just like any good player should. I expect a fun and constructive atmosphere, where a good balance between killing stuff in good time and joking around exists.

How did you hear of Pure?

I simply searched on wowprogress for a raiding guild that suits what I want, such as raiding times, atmosphere, world rank and goals.

Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?

I do not unfortunately :)

Your battle.tag:


Additional notes:

I love memes and drama, don't worry though, I won't encourage or spread the latter, simply laugh when it occurs, which I suppose is better than helping it develop. I love having fun and fake trashtalking just like everyone else on the internet, but I'll never make it serious or super personal, because why would anyone do that over a video game. I make myself sound childish and like a degenerate, but I'm also polite and generally a nice person, and that's of course going to be my initiate attitude. I do also understand that getting a high and respectable world rank is important, and I'll do my best to contribute to that. Also almost always up for testing beta and PTR stuff, since it's always fun to try something new. I like talking to people, and will therefore often be on discord and do mystic plus and such. I look forward to you hopefully accepting me as a trial, so that I might prove my worth and so we can have fun and achieve awesome things together. I also have the magic cock if that gives extra points.

Also, I hope you don't expect me to join and instantly blast and be a mecanic god the first raid, please do take into consideration that I'm behind on gear and mythic Uldir xp <3
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I see that the link to the HFC warrior logs doesn't take one directly to the specific logs. To reach them, you simply have to press the link and go to WoD==>HFC on the top right, and then click the logs for 7.0.3. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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Hi Fleffy,

Thanks for your application. We'll review it and get back to you shortly,

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Hi Fleffy,

Thanks for your application, I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

"Helms should rename his pet to 'master'" Mint 2014