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#13899751 Nov 14, 2018 at 07:08 PM
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Your character's armory:

Your warcraftlogs reports: I use Details for my personal info

Your raiding UI (video or screenshot):


[b]What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?
Azeroth Fighters start realy good - but atm is almost dead.
Just 4-5 ppl online every day, no raids anymore, GL and officers are offline for weeks, etc etc

[b]Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?

[b]Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?

Prefer more core style of raiding with discipline.Bad habbits from old time - 40 man raids in AQ and Naxx :)

[b]What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?

Dps, dps and dps :)

[b]How did you hear of Pure?
Just check the top horde guild on Turalyon

[b]Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?

[b]Your battle.tag:

[b]Additional notes:Just hope to join a good raiding guild. Was druid officer in old times in 40 man raids.
Than stop wow for few years to play RIFT, Diablo 3 + irl duty. I'm back for last expansion and hope to have great time with you guys!
#13899777 Nov 14, 2018 at 07:16 PM
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Hi Poissonblade,

Thanks for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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