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[b]Your character's armory:

[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:

[b]Your raiding UI (video or screenshot):


[b]What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?

Desolution-Twisting Nether 10m and 25m HC garrosh top 400 ish for both

i was on a break during WoD

Prosperitas-Draenor EN and ToV Cutting edge. went to play with freinds instead
Hidden potential-Twisting Nether NH Cutting edge. hidden potential turned into The Next Step
The Next Step Tomb and Antorus Cutting edge top 250 ish. Went casual after argus kill to fix IRL stuff

DT Reborn-Twisting Nether 5/8M world 42 fetid, had alot of arguments with the officer team and decided it was for the best to stop raiding after i helped them with the fetid kill since they need an extra arcane mage.

[b]Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?

Im a very versatile player and ive mained alot of different chars over the time, i tend to keep most chars geared that i have at max lvl, im always rdy to swap to another class if i got it geard and the fight requires it.

[b]Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?

I want to jion Pure becaus its a 3days raiding guild that got hall of fame uldir, you got great raid times, that will allow me to do all my irl stuff aswell and keep my chars up to date with requirements.
my goals for WoW is to enjoy the time, while raiding with likeminded players, preferable hall of fame

[b]What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?

I will bring a versatile player that allways puts the guild before anything else while progress is going on, during farm im a relaxed and social guy that hangs out on discord when IRL doesnt require my pressence

[b]How did you hear of Pure?

I found the guild and WoWprogress

[b]Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?

Unfortunately not

[b]Your battle.tag:


[b]Additional notes:

My logs are scuffed due to how things were run in DT, fights where cd's shouldnt have been asigned to certain points in the fight and such wich made making a somewhat decent log impossible.
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Hi Mendiss,

Thanks for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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