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- i am currently 27 years young


- i am coming from the city of PAderborn in Germany

Your character's armory:

Your warcraftlogs reports:

Your raiding UI (video or screenshot):


What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?

- Started raiding and playing the game more than just leveling at the start of legion. I got curve plus the first boss of EN down before deciding that i need to find a guild to get better and set a foot in the raiding cmmunity. I joined the Heroic raiding guild "Bromance" on Sylvanas for NH, meeting some good friends, that i regularry speak with to this day.

Towards the middle of ToS i wanted to try my luck with mythic raiding again, and after finding a semi regular pug on the official forums with two guildmates from Bromance, we eventually cleared 7/9M with said group.

I joined "Break a Wish Foundation" in the last week of ToS. We cleared Antorus and Uldir mythic together before i decided to take my leave after we finally downed Ghuun. I became an officer in the guild somewhat in the middle throughout ABT by just being there consistently, performing well and giving thoughout and usefull commentarry on generall raid and guild matters. I was an officer untill my said leave from the guild a couple weeks ago.

Thtoughout the Uldir Tier i had some problems with the direction of the guild that went beyond "just some bumps in the road" and were more of generall disagreements on the vision of what the guild has to be. In detail the reasons were how we handled Trials and day to day rooster decisions aswell as the fact that we had a third raidday slowly creeping up without any warning or communication towards the team or the officers team despite the fact we were a two day raiding guild.

In the end i didnt like these and more things so i decided, despite the fact i had some longstanding friends in the guild, to find another raiding guild.

After my leave (approximately three weeks ago) i got poached by "Depthcore" on Ravencrest. I knew a couple members from running mythic + with them and without a reply from one of the betterend guild i applied to, accepted the offer. Now, after i raided with them one time and even tho i like their athmosphere and their raidstyle, i decided to switch to hordeside and torwads a guild without as strict requirements. This had two main reasons:

1. Some of the friends i play the most with are horde or went horde not so long ago and i would like to play with them. moreover its just easier finding m+ runs/people or guilds, so its a nobrainer if i actually have the choiuce between A/H.

2. Depthcore requires two fully farmed out and raidready characters, and even tho i will try to keep an alt raidready and up to date in case its needed or i want to play something else for fun in m+ or whatever, its not something i want to commit to, since i dont know if i can or want to do for the entirety of the foreseeable future. i keep my main up to date by farmming as much as i can, but i have the feeling i will burn myself out from the game by doing it on two characters and thats a risk i dont want to take. Of course this are things that were visible to me before i joined, but now after farming two chars for 2 weeks, my view on it changed.

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?

- I have severall characters on max level, Priest, DH, Mage besides my rogue. I started gearing my mage and play on having it as my backup character in case mythrax or fetid will happpen again with no melees allowed. I played most of ABT as a warlock, so i have experience playing ranged.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?

- I want to push myself. I am a player that strives under pressure, not just in Wow but in any game and by playing with people that are better than yourself and that you dont want to let down is the best way to improve have fun at the game in my opinion. Even tho i left Depthcore for being "too hardcore" on the requirement side, i still do want to raid with a realy good team and get a taste of what its like to raid at such a high level. The reason i want to join your guild specifically is that i have a friend in your guild that only tells good stuff about you guys, so thats reason enough to try my luck.

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?

- Besides the usuall stuff, high level raiding and a good and functioning officers, raidleading and raidteam i expect a tight and friendly commmunity that i can find a home in. I not only look for a guild that i can leave to get into a better guild a couple months down the line but a place where i can build synergy with the people, learn how they play and adjust myself to that style.

For myself, i cant offer you a player with much experience, since i only started playing in legion and slowly worked my way up from there. What i can offer you is a calmminded guy that deals good with pressure, is always there and will try his hardest to become the best player he can be. Criticism is not only ok but wanted.

I am playing Sub aswell as Assasination and i know the basics of Outlaw. If i am unsure about a certain way of playing be it a new trait or an unusuall talent, i will sit at the training dummy untill i have it down and will read up as much as a i can on strategies and boss optimisations before and while progressing it (also afterwards, going for logs on farm is a nice way to keep the content fun after all)

How did you hear of Pure?

- A friend of mine played with me for severall months in Break a wish and i still have contact to him regularry. After hearing about my situation he told me to apply and that i might be a good fit, so i will take my shot at this.

Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?

-Said friend is Xem/Post, most handsome Mage in the world

Your battle.tag:


Discord (have it on phone, so i will most likely respond faster) :Chisma#0200

Additional notes:

-I know that with my experience this might be a long shot. I dont secifically know how good people are at your level and how good you need recruits to be, but i can offer a dedicated and easy to deal with Guy that will work hard to make his chance count.

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Hi Chisma,

Thanks for your application. We'll review it and get back to you shortly,

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Hi Chis,

Would it be possible to speak to you over voice comms with our melee officer? Thanks,

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sure thing!
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We'd be available at 21:00 tonight if you are?
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