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#14195278 Aug 19, 2019 at 08:03 PM
Name: Nikola

Age: 21

Location: Norway



Raiding Ui:

What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?

i have raided in a guild called plata o plomo, afterwards i moved to ineffable. after that i moved to honolulu. i mostly played my dh, then played druid as balance and restoration in pug raids. I like to call out in raid for anything. I left plata because i was too good to be in a guild like that, and half of the guild went to ineffable, so i joined as well. Then Ineffable disbanded so i had to find another guild and i joined Honolulu.
Under honolulu i played in bod with them and cos, under cos we had a lot of wipes in cos, some people were underperforming a lot and nothing changed with the guild. I was on vacation this tier for 3 weeks and was benched, so i decided to leave the guild as they were quite toxic to me because i took my vacation then which i had to visit my family. I also farmed the most and did alot of perperation where i did farm my neck the highest and benthic gear. I did kill Uunat M with my guild honolulu which is my biggest achievement in the game

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?

I have always pugged hc raid and mythic on my alts, in legion my alts were mage and warrior. now i have more alts but only my druid i did mythic pug with. But i do have a rogue, warrior,dk, monk who were fined geared in bod. I can play many specs whether it be healer or dps, tank.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?

I can bring good attitude and skill. I'm a quick learner who comes prepared to any progress (or farm) boss to the best of my ability, and will do whatever gives my raid group the highest chance of killing a boss (be that sitting out on bench, doing no DPS in order to deal with certain mechanics, or engaging in tactical discussions when the time is right i.e. during a break, between raids or when my opinion is asked). I'm a very loyal person who will help motivate others when inevitably progress gets rough from time to time, and I like to do my fair share of m+ to or play other games to help socialize with new people when I arrive in a new place/guild.
But i am applying to your guild now and i see you guys are on the last boss so i dont expect to join on the progress, but am more looking for the future and joining on the farm and showing that i can play and for the next tier. I wish to join PMA because it is a way better guild then my current guild i am in and my guild raids a lot but the goals are not that impressive. I have a lot of skill and i know a fair bit of share about my class and other classes that i play, i believe i can play any of my specs and classes very good and to the standards of PMA. My communication is generally very good in in my current guild i have communicated very effectively and helping the raid out in many ways, like callouts in the fight it self and what to do before the fight begins also. My dedication to the game is big i would say, i have been on vacation the last 3 4 weeks since the raid tier started but i have been keeping up with my my farm and have gotten my neck to 64 and farming everything else of the essences and grinding, but am currently benched because my guild is a bit of a friends guild and gm doesn't want to bench someone for me even thought i am one of the better players, he sees that the tier is soon done and everyone else have been on the earlier kills so would not be morally right to use me which he said.

How did you hear of Pure?


Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you? No

Your battle.tag: nik50cent#2453

Additional notes:
I dont fail on mechanics and i do good dps, I prioritize to help the guild in any way i can, then me getting good logs or anything like that, and if you look at my logs, my guild hasnt done that much farm, we have killed jaina around 2 times, and if you look at our last kill on jaina
You can see that i did highest dps and i had to escort the tank with avalance because they asked me to do it, and i didn't want to say no to it. On our Uunat kill i choosed my self to help out the guild where i used my 1 cd which is meta at start of pull and at start of ph3 where we bl to make that phase way waiser which maked m overall dps lower because i could have used 1 more meta at end of ph2 to pad on the adds. Ont top of that, the farm in Honolulu wasnt that great, we couldnt kill later bosses so i couldnt up my logs. but logs to me isnt the most important but having good farm and good progress.
#14195310 Aug 19, 2019 at 08:53 PM
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Hi Kizakiari,

Thanks for your application, I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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#14195378 Aug 19, 2019 at 11:10 PM
May i know why i got declined?
#14195716 Aug 20, 2019 at 12:58 PM
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I'm afraid you have no mythic logs and heroic logs are not visible. That on top of not having fully upgraded benthic gear is reason for us to decline any application I'm afraid.
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#14196653 Aug 22, 2019 at 06:15 AM
I do have logs, ive killed jaina mythic and uunat M.

It has to be visible, my name is kizakiari-sylvanas there is no way you can not see my logs, and i do have benthic gear, i have waist, shoulder which is best azerite piece from all of them and i have feet piece which is 420, but i have 430 and 435 piece with sockets which are better and i equip it and do m+ and content outside of the raid, benthic only good for the raid. i havent raided this tier i explained it previously that i was on vacation.
#14197095 Aug 22, 2019 at 07:25 PM
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I'm afraid what I was meaning is you have no mythic logs for this tier. You have not got any of your benthic gear equipped in that case (I'm not counting the azerite shoulders as the other pieces are far more important). Locking this, best of luck in the future.
"Helms should rename his pet to 'master'" Mint 2014

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