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Your real name
Your age
Your nationality


Main speck is balance, but I do play all specks that druid offers.

Link to armory
Link to alt armory (or multiple links if you have more than one viable alt you feel comfortable raiding with)
Disc Priest


Computer specs

Full Tower

CORSAIR Obsidian Series 500D RGB DKK

ASUS ROG Strix X570-F Gaming DKK

Ryzen 7 - 3700X

CPU køling - type:

CPU køling:
NZXT Kraken X62 DKK

G.Skill TridentZ RGB Series DDR4 32GB kit 3200MHz DKK


System Disk:
512GB (Gigabyte) M.2 NVME M.2 SSD

Ekstra lagerplads:
Seagate Barracuda Harddisk 1TB


Trådløst Netværk - WiFi:
TP-Link USB 1.9Gbps Trådløs
Do you have a working headset / microphone

Do you feel comfortable talking
Yes I do.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday. Are you able to raid these hours without hindrance?
Yep, that will not be a problem at all.

How good is your connection
(take a screenshot of

Describe your connection
I wish I had swedish internet.

Where did you hear about Pure
I looked up guilds on wow progress, And must seems like a guild I would love to play for.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?

What you wrote here is what gets to me good:

* We do not recruit for bench. All raiders and trials are expected to participate in progression.

* We do not require a split alt, but there are quite a few people in the guild that do have one, which allows us to still do
splits. We will not be doing any splits outside of first few weeks of new raid release. Alts will not be considered for the
sake of your trial.

I see my self as a very mature person, and with the limited 3 days rading want to be in a guild that get's things done.

Character name

Explain your talent choices, do you often change them for specific encounters?
I mean talents are pretty easy to talk about, go for the ones who helps out the fight the most. Right now [Stellar Flare] sims best for ST, and if you're on a MT fight you play [Twin Moons] not much more to it rly.

I do play all specks for druid, I mainly play balance / resto. But I can play Gurdian and Feral also.

This is the two setups you can run.

This is for a single target fight
ST: [Nature's Balance][Starlord][Stellar Flare][Shooting Stars]

This is for multi target.
MT: [Nature's Balance][Shooting Stars][Twin Moons][Starlord]

These are the fights in the current raid.

ST: [Nature's Balance][Starlord][Stellar Flare][Shooting Stars]

ST: [Nature's Balance][Starlord][Stellar Flare][Shooting Stars]

ST: [Nature's Balance][Starlord][Stellar Flare][Shooting Stars]

ST: [Nature's Balance][Starlord][Stellar Flare][Shooting Stars]

MT: [Nature's Balance][Shooting Stars][Twin Moons][Starlord]

MT: [Nature's Balance][Shooting Stars][Twin Moons][Starlord]

MT: [Nature's Balance][Shooting Stars][Twin Moons][Starlord]

MT: [Nature's Balance][Shooting Stars][Twin Moons][Starlord]
Describe your knowledge of your class and how you keep yourself up to date
I use all the diffrent websites there is like:

- druid discord.

I also talk to a lot of top players playing moonkin, where we discuss what is best, and do's and dont's..

I also use
But warcraftlogs should always be taken with a gram of salt, its easy to mainpulate logs.

Are you comfortable swapping spec if the encounter requires it

Provide a screenshot of your UI in raid environment( want to see WA´s)

Provide a link to your character on Warcraft Logs me doing progress under ghuun, I am the balance druid "Flapsnack" on the dps meeter.

Last raid I played in was Uldir, I just got back, I joined a pug for 7/8 M but we got 6/8M I had no gear or anything, but they took me as a kinda wellfare case I assume.

Previous raiding experience

WoW Classic Experience: I use to play on my rogue in Vanilla, and after the long and extream boring grind of dying, and not able to pay the repair bails, then i manged to get to lvl 60. In vanilla dident i raid much since i were to young to join guilds, no one wanted to recruit a kid on 13y, or atleast not me. but i manged to kill Onyx, and killed 1 boss in mc, and that was garr. After been playing the game for a while and dident achive anything, did i chose to stop playing the game since i dident get what i wanted from the game, wich were progress rading. since pvp were dogshit back then whit shamans killing you with 1 hit, and showpreist there would never die.. So i sold my account..

WoW tBC Experience: So i started again in tbc and leveled a druid and got to max leve. i join'd a rading guild. i raided with this guild in Tbc and we manage to kill a few bosses here and there. Kara to shade. Sc to Fathom. bt to Gurtogg. Stopped in sunwell since no one needed a resto/balance druid. i never attended to the other raids. WoW

WotLK Experience: Now here's where things start to get interresting, this is the first exp where i get the taste of harcore rading, until now, have i only tasted casul/soft core rading. Alot of this were on Dk: Druid: Use to be REsto in Wotk 15/15 naxx late on. 25m 1/1 Os. 10/25n 0/1 EoE. 14/14 Uld. 25n 1/1 Ony. 10/25n 5/5 Toc +4 Hc. 10/25m icc 12/12 + 11/12 hc 10/25m 1/1 Rs + 0 Heroic 10/25 This pritty much what i achieved in Wotlk WoW Cataclysm Experience: Playes resto druid, on all bosses right up to Ds, then i started to play balance, and since then have i been hooked, also achieved "Gladiator in s11 after only 1 season as balance druid"


In cataclysm did i kill 6/6 normal Bwd + 5 Heroic 5/5 normal BoT + 3 Heroic 2/2 Normal Totftw killed 2 hc when fl came out. 7/7 Normal Fl + 7/7 heroic 8/8 normal Ds + 8 Heroic + 5/10% on last two fights.


WoW Mist of Pandaria Experience: As i told i raided with nihilum here and did Msv 6/6 + 2 Heroic. And then i quitted, and chose to do pvp/rbg instead, since ive achieved gladiator as balance drid in the season before, got a rbg rating of 2,8k, and arena rating of 2,4k.. Came back to PvE some weeks before ToT, and started to clear the current content. And then ToT came out, then i join´d manifest Destiny, and we clear 12/12 normal tot the 2'd week. then we killed jin'rokh hc, and then everything stopped working, we had 4 raiders leave, since server que, and irl issues. so we had to recruit, we dident have progress in like 50 days, and started again a month ago. The guild is managed poor, and i wish to be in a more mature environment, where i can be without being afraid of the guild die out all the time. Ended up 13/13 hc with Auroa. (and Gladiator for 2'd time as Balace druid)

Got recruited by and I we manged to end Siege of orgrimma as server first 25 man.

I quit the game after Mop:



ToS: 9/9M

Atbt: 11/11M



Uldir: 8/8M was alittle of getting top 100 kills for famed titel.

I played for - Logs from uldir

After that I took a break. I just got back now in the current rading tier.

I am 6/8m just done the bosses once, with no gear or essences.
I don't rly have any logs from this, it's been extreamly hard to get back on track since I was so far behind, I manged to get my neck to 66 atm, and 2x bis + gem benthic items. Not sure I can do crazy logs since I dont have all the benthic gear needed, but I am very sure that I can be extreamly consistent and dont fuck up in raids.

BONUS: note worty guilds

rank EU 39 BFA (70World)

rank EU 45 MoP.

rank 90 world Wotlk.
Guild History/reason for leaving
I wrote in the question above.
Are there people in your current guild or in Myst that can vouch for you
I mean I got back and join some random guild, just to have some to do M+ with so I do not think so, I have done a few HC raids with them, I am sure they can say that I am a good guy.
Do you have any other active applications?
Nope, because I know that I will not have to! ;D #PepeHands
Anything else that you would like to add
I know me not having logs atm, and all the benthic gear I need is kinda bad, But I am sure by the time next raid is out I am rdy to go and help with progress in the new raid, I can be a real assest to the guild, by helping with thatics and all that good stuff, I am extreamly active, I do m+ and all that good stuff to help for rading!

Hello my name is Kasper Andersen, I am currently living in Denmark. I am 26y old & married. I feel like you're missing some questions So i will Add one my self here::: That was abit about my personal life, here is something about my gaming carrier!:

Ive been playing wow on and off since it came out, ive been quite around in the pvp & pve aspeckt of this game, and i think that i can offer skilled raider that knows what he's doing and never fucks around.... But ofc is there allways time to fool around "when raid time is over", i'll like to focus onehundred procent on what im doing, and therefor i dont lose my focus easy, and therefor a good raider for your team... Ive done quite a lot pvp/rvg: I manged to get. [Tyrannical Gladiator's Cloud Serpent][Cataclysmic Gladiator's Twilight Drake] Also been in top top 1 rbg team for a while, around 3k rating (legit before rus started cheating ) Other then wow do I play a lot games, but I recently started play Cs: go again, and planning to travel around again with my old team, to attend to some lan partys. Ive been play the series since it came out as 1,3-5 and all the way up to cs:go that's the newest one in the series... Ive had my own team named PLP. We had 3 sponsors, that pay for verious things such as tickets, and servers/ts/vt, and cloth with a shit Ton of names on it.. so that also adds up i guess, I know how to lead a team. For more details, just ask !

My Goals in Wow is to get top end progess with a few days of rading, I wanna be the best i can for my class, and would also like to be able to teach other about my passion, and how to play druid in world of warcraft" I like and enjoy world of warcraft, but i also have other passions, that i will have to attend to, such as fps games. Ive played cs & css as a proffesional but stopped playing proff after i started wow, since it took to much of my time, and my aim started to get rusty. My attitude towards progress is simpel, suck it up and focus... I dont have any problems wiping, as long there is progress, and I feel that ppl know what they're doing, I see me self in guilds that are mature, and can pull there own role, and dont need to be boosted in the current rading content, I dont like that a few raiders half ass it, and the rest go hard mode.. all need to have the same mindset in a guild and therefor you will get better progression, and a better atmosphere in the guild.
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Hi Flapsnack,

Thanks for your application. We'll review it and get back to you shortly.

"Helms should rename his pet to 'master'" Mint 2014

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#14256411 Helmsley wrote:

Hi Flapsnack,

Thanks for your application. We'll review it and get back to you shortly.


Sounds good 👌👍
#14257012 Nov 28, 2019 at 11:41 PM
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Hi Flapsnack,

Thanks again for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

"Helms should rename his pet to 'master'" Mint 2014

#14257623 Nov 29, 2019 at 11:06 PM
#14257012 Helmsley wrote:

Hi Flapsnack,

Thanks again for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,


awww shit feels bad men, Anyways gl bois!