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#14364548 May 28, 2020 at 02:57 AM
Name: Andreas

Age: 26, soon 27

Location: Denmark

About myself (additional short note):
I currently live in Denmark and I'm 26 years old. At the moment I have no occupation other than in searching for a job in these hard times. So I have a lot of free time at the moment. But I will still be able to raid when I start - no doubt about that, because gaming is a part of my life and high end raiding in wow is a commitment im willing to do. Other than that I’m a social guy that likes to hang out with friends in the weekend or visit family.

I enjoy traveling (furthest i have been is Cuba), making delicious food, either asian or italian, and the occasional danish stuff.

You can describe me in 3 words as friendly, motivated and teamplayer.

I dont have any hobbies tbh. I do like most sports, and i have been playing most sports (badminton, swimming, football, golf, pong, billiard, rugby, a bit american football (for fun), volleyball, basketball etc.). I have always been competitive by nature, and been able to do that by winning medals and trophies in sports. Now when im older, I want to compete in WoW.

I have had a huge interest in computers, mostly hardware, where i have been a tester for a few websites (gaming equipment, a few gadgets, tablets. I have been to Cebit as a professional journalist to speak with hardware and gaming firms.

Your character's armory:

Your warcraftlogs reports:

Your raiding UI (video or screenshot):

What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?

Druid, Warrior and Hunter (I mained all 3, played them equally. I mostly played hunter in PvP and druid+warrior for raid).
In classic I was in Ninth Order and Holy Warriors, which when TBC launched migrated to Frostmane server. I didn’t follow them.

Molten Core - cleared
Zul'Gurub - cleared
Onyxia - cleared
Bwl - cleared
AQ20 - 4 bosses

Hunter main:
In TBC I was in a small guild that didn't do that much raiding. I can't remember the name to this day.
Karazhan - cleared
Gruul's Lair - cleared
Mag lair - cleared

Warrior Tank main:
I was pugging mostly (raid leading them as well) and raiding with my brothers and his irl friends guild). I started in the end running GDKP runs in ICC (nr. 1 GDKP on Frostmane and raid leading it).
I stopped playing when Cata came out. Came back in DS to raid for a few months with a guild on heroic and started to prepare for MoP where I changed server to Kazzak.
Naxxramas - cleared
Onyxia - cleared
EoE - cleared
OS - cleared
ToC - cleared
ToC hc - cleared
Ulduar - cleared
VoA - cleared
RS - cleared
ICC 10/12 hc.

DK Tank main:
Skyfall -> Guild had some drama and problems so multiple people left
MSV 4/6 hc
HoF 6/6 norm
Toes 4/4 norm

DK Dps main:
Pendulum -> Guild problems again with drama, some bad people overall that failed multiple times and didn’t get benched so progress was slow and failed to clear ToT before SoO - also officers showing up drunk and failing. So we had good raiders leave and it ultimately killed off the guild.
Vanguard -> Personal problems with their toxic GM over a minor PvP dicussion thing.
Santa Maria: Was suppose to go into WoD with these, but my irl friends came back and they went alliance on frostmane, so I wanted to play with them.
ToT 12/13 hc
SoO mythic cleared

Changed from horde to alliance after MoP to play with irl friends.

Mage main:
Remants of valhalla -> Everything was going fine in beginning of WoD. When we came to last boss one heroic in highmaul everything felt apart. People didn’t learn from mistakes (no benching) and we had so many wipes on that boss. Some people left, i wanted to raid Mythic so I joined Adept. The guild later disbanded raiding.
Joined Adept in Highmaul. WoD was starting to get boring and I felt like my time playing it wasn’t that much fun. After getting 5 bosses on mythic with Adept, I decided to take a year long break from the game.
Highmaul mythic 5/7
BFC 8/10 hc -> took a year break

Joined Absolution for the last bit of progression of HFC mythic. I was with these guys in beginning of Legion as well, but due to how Legion was at launch and how legendaries work, i just quit the game after we cleared Emerald Nightmare. The guild also disbanded during nighthold. I returned at the end 7.3.5 patch to briefly have a couple of months before BFA hit. I didn't join a guild, just did pugs in hc and try to get mage tower challenge done.
HFC mythic cleared

EN Nightmare (6/7 - guild killed last boss on mythic, i got to 2% and then I quit before I got the kill)
Antorus HC cleared <--- came back in end of april 2018.

Hunter main:
Keppa Kleb - Admiral bulldogs streaming guild - people quickly lost interest in the game making the guild have roster issues. It disbanded.
Cerebral - I didn't like their GM and officers - very toxic environment together with a very slow mythic progress made me want to look else where.
SSC CREW - Good atmosphere, funny and friendly, sadly disbanded mid tier of Ny'alotha due to roster issues.
Last Resort - currently still in this one - decided they were not the one for me for a long term spot due to toxic officers, lack of replacement and performance issues from a few raiders. I also decided I want to push for a better guild rank.
Uldir mythic cleared
BoD mythic cleared
CoS 2/2 Hc - we decided to focus on reclearing BoD and getting mount from Jaina - Sadly I got no luck : (
TEP mythic cleared
Ny’alotha mythic cleared

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?

Well right now i have 2 alts that i play - a rogue and a warrior tank. They are mostly used for boosting, since i'am frequently doing that. They can be used in mythic raiding too, but i only have m+ experience with my rogue and hc raid boosting. As for my warrior, i have played that class since vanilla, tanked for many years and most raids. As you can also see from above question i have switched main throughout expansions, so me switching to an alt for specific bosses where its really good, is a no problem for me.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?

What really makes you more interesting than others is foremost that you are a highly competitive guild, that both values performance and personality. You have a mental mythic mind that I can see in myself and a vision that I can follow.

I always wanted to raid 3-4 days, but still have that high end performance raiding. You give room for errors - not everyone is a robot and have 100% perfection and give people a chance to learn from mistakes (I can take criticism). You are focused on clearing content as efficiently as possible while maintaining a laid-back atmosphere outside of raid = my goal too.

I also am interested in your experience as a top ranking guild, but also the leadership behind it. With the former guilds i have been in, there hasn't really been any big drive to always improve both themselves individually but also world guild rank. This is something i want to strive for. I want to be able to dedicate my full time towards raiding and get something out of it.

I have also had my fair share of guilds, were officers aren't looking into replacing players holding back the guild or not learning by their mistakes or not researching upcoming fights either from class pov or tactic. This is something that can frustrate me.

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?

I will always bring my A-game and never raid if I know that I will underperform and let the rest of the guild down. I will always try to keep 100% attendance and act mature/friendly towards teammates. I support and will help my teammates if they are in need (questing, dungeons, raids). I'm a laid back guy with a positive attitude and always in the hunt for fun. I also have the passion to clear every raid content in the current patch and for me the highest challenge in wow is mythic.

I always strive to perform at my best, doing what I can do get that last few % out for a kill.
My greatest strength is my endurance. I'am one of those guys that dont get tired over a long time period of wiping. I'am one of those guys that says, come on just 1 more try, and I dont mind going over time.

I have had roles such as raidleader and main tank in former raid days. My role now is primarily been to just perform, but I'am also the guy that usually got the prio job doing certain mechanics / use CDs to focus on prio add etc. I'am also used to call 1 mechanic or two, if the raid leader asks for someone to do it, I will not hesitate to take that responsibility.

Can play alts too and i have switched main through out my playing time. Maining a hunter, druid and warrior from vanilla to wotlk, switching to DK tank/dps in MoP (also while playing multiple alts), for WoD+legion i played mage and jumped back to hunter for this expansion (a lot had change since MoP days). So yes im also willing to switch main or atleast play my alt. Also I will have a lot of time to that, since atm. i'm not occupied with anything (damn corona).

I'am an avid booster myself and i try to push m+ as high as possible too.

I kinda expect the same basic rules that most guilds have, decent attitude from other raiders and people who can take criticism and doesn’t necessarily get mad when they make a mistake and someone is trying to help them. So my most important thing to look for is teamwork.

Collaboration with colleagues is an important prerequisite for my well being. A good laugh or a good story gives the desire for cooperation, looking forward to the next working day and to help others, whenever possible.

People who show up every time during progress and can dedicate themselves to the guild. I wish to play with like minded people like me, who has the same passion for raiding and want to be competitive.

How did you hear of Pure?

I know Shadlok and he talked about joining you. I checked you out on wowprogress.

Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?

I only know Shadlok.

Your battle.tag: Snipp#2667

Additional notes:

I could write a long page on how I play hunter i.e. explaining stat priority, talent/essence choices for situations, azerite traits, where i go to improve my knowledge etc. But i would rather have a chat with you guys over that and my logs.

I reached global offensive in CS:GO, other than that i have been more accomplished in sports like football, swimming and golf (medals/trophies). I do however enjoy playing other games like dota2 (4k mmr), cs, call of duty or singleplayer games like farcry, bioshock, doom.

I will love to meet you for an online conversation where I will be happy to elaborate further my motivation for seeking a raiding spot and become clearer on how I can contribute further to the good framework at Wiping As Intended, as well tell more about my stories.

Best regards