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Strasbourg, France.

Your character's armory:

Your warcraftlogs reports:

Your raiding UI (video or screenshot):
Sludgefist first kill video:

What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?
I've started mythic raiding back in Legion during ToS. From ToS until Battle of Dazar'Alor I've played in the Russian guild (4/7, 12 hours/week). When I've joined them they were Top 600, and the best that we've achieved together (Uldir) was Top 250. In BODA 2/3 officers have quit the game, and a month after we've killed Jaina the GM/RL did the same. WP link:
Then (in Eternal Palace) I've joined another Russian guild with 3/7 schedule because I've realized that 4/7 is too much for me. After we've killed Azshara (top 400) the GM/RL has announced that after 6 years of Raid Leading he's done and he doesn't want to continue. Nobody wanted to replace him and as a consequence - the guild disband. link to the guild WP:
I was struggling to find a Russian guild with 3/7 with a raid schedule that is appropriate to my time zone (CET), hence I've moved to EU. I've joined Aluren-Tarren Mill for Nyalotha, I've raided with them until we've reached Nzoth, but then because of the pandemic and because of the fact that I had to finish and defend my Ph.D. I had to take a break. When the most difficult part of the manuscript writing and submitting was done (end of June) I have discovered that the RL and the officers have decided to take a break until the release of SL. I've asked some members of the guild if "long vacations" are something usual for them, and I was told that it has happened a couple of times. I was told, that usually the guild focuses a lot on progression, and when it's done they do not farm the raid too much. For instance, Nzoth has never been re-killed, hence leaving 5 or 6 players from the roster without achievement nor mount. I didn't like it and I've tried to find another guild. WP ling:
Unfortunately back in 8.3 almost every guild had a DH and nobody wanted a DH with 11/12 with no public logs. I've joined a guild where a friend of mine was an officer. This guild is the one where I'm still playing, but I feel that 4/7 is too much for me, hence I'm looking for another guild. I don't like thrash-talking or saying something bad about someone who can't defend himself, but I'd say that the second reason why I would like to find another guild is that in my opinion a guild playing 4/7, 12 hours/week should be at a higher ranking than where we currently are. WP link of my current guild:

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?
Not yet. I'm thinking about a WW monk because of two reasons:
a) They are one of the strongest melees in the game right now and having another melee alt makes sense to me. Moreover, I really enjoy the WW monk's playstyle and their "class fantasy".
b) If until the next raid Blizzard will not give any "meaningful buffs" to havoc I will probably reroll if I will be asked.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?
I want to join Pure for a couple of reasons.
a) Basing on your current ranking and taking into consideration that you are playing only 11h/week I can conclude that you are a very strong guild that appreciates the time of each individual player. I want to be a part of such a guild.
b) Naturally I'm a competitive person. I like playing with other players who are strong because their gameplay makes me want to play better and improve my game skills.
My goals:
Shortly - I want to finish the progression as quickly as possible while playing as little as possible. Once the progression is finished I enjoy doing my best on farm (optimizing some talents, maybe finding a new build, etc). My lifestyle as a researcher (on which I will briefly talk a bit later) doesn't allow me to have too much free time. Especially because there are also some mandatory weekly and daily content (like M+ and pvp for the vault, Venari and Stygia).

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?
Me as a havoc DH main:
I've decided to main DH since the Legion pre-patch. Back in the days, I was casually playing the game, so I didn't bother with meta while choosing my main. I just liked the DH, the way how it was, and how it felt to play it. Since Legion I didn't change my main, hence even now when havoc DH isn't so well received as it was in BFA I still play it (and I like to think that I play it well) because I dedicated all my wow time to mastering this spec.
Right now havoc DH can benefit a raid composition in several ways:
a) it brings 5% magic debuff (if for some reason it isn't already done by a vengeance DH )
b) it brings a raid CD (Darkness) which in some circumstances (stacked raid + SL totem, for example) could be really useful and lifesaving.
c) Strong AoE and cleave capabilities, especially if the number of targets is <= 5 (do not get me wrong, I'm not saying the best, but it is strong).
d) Even if havoc's survival and the defensive kit has been nerfed in SL, it still has a few very strong options to survive high incoming damage (Blur, with 1-minute default CD (49s if picking the correct defensive conduit), Netherwalk (3 min CD), which isn't (unfortunately) an immunity, but it still prevents all the incoming damage). In the case if Netherwalk isn't needed havoc DH will most probably pick Soul Rending, which grants him 5% leech.
e) High mobility (especially if playing with Night Fae covenant) and a ranged kick (which isn't as good as the one of DK or Enh shaman but still is better than the one from other melee specs.)
f) Last but not least, since October 2020 I'm a staff member of Russian DH discord community (Black Temple). I actively (as often as I can) answer the questions of less experienced players, I'm a co-author of the original guide (which is a bit outdated, since the main author (and server owner) has to deal with the whole website while I'm mainly focused on havoc) on our website (still Russian:
My "position" on this discord community motivates me to understand the class at maximum, because every asked question (in my opinion) has to receive an answer as detailed as possible, hence I'll be sure that I explained everything.

Me as a player:
I consider myself a responsible player. I take responsibilities very seriously because if I was assigned to it/them, it's because I'm the optimal player who can do it.
For example, back in Antorus, we didn't have a DPS shaman (ele nor enh), and I was assigned to collect the orbs while being dead on the last phase of Argus. I've done it during all the mount runs that we did (around 25 weeks). To be more efficient at this I even looted the necklace from the Maw of Souls (the one who increased the move speed while dead.)
I come prepared to the boss. Obviously, I'm not talking about boss mechanics, but I'm talking about when it is better to use def/offensive CDs. I also check the talent/trinkets/legendaries (and if they're "unusual" I check the raid composition in order to understand WHY). To do so I usually check several logs of the best performing players. I use sound alerts on important mechanics of the boss rather than simply using default DBM/bigwigs sounds. It eases a lot my gameplay.

What do I expect from you:
I expect everything that is mentioned on WP page of the guild (like no forced PTR, no mandatory alts, etc). Also, it is essential to me, and I think it shouldn't be a problem, that the decisions made by GM/RL/officers shouldn't be affected by the "personal relationships". I.e. I hope that things like "We're bringing John to this boss because we really need a ret pala on this boss." While actually John is simply a friend of GM and objectively a mediocre player, are not happening. I think that this shouldn't be an issue in <Pure>, otherwise the guild wouldn't have taken Halls of Fame.

How did you hear of Pure?
I can't really remember it. I just kind of knew that there is a guild named <Pure> who is extremely strong and who is usually around Top 100 on progress while playing only 3/7.

Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?
No, I do not, unfortunately.

Your battle.tag:
My discord (just in case): Gaussiana#8464

Additional notes:
As you might have guessed based on my name - I'm Russian, who lives in France. I live here for the last 8 years, I'm fluent in both English and French. Due to my work (research in chemistry) I can handle quite well speaking and writing (in English), so the language shouldn't be a problem. Moreover, I've already had the experience of playing in an English-speaking guild and I didn't encounter any particular problems with understanding.

Anyway, I think that I didn't forget to mention anything, and I would like to thank you in advance for reviewing my application.
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Hi Gaussiana,

Thanks for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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