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#14606466 Apr 22, 2021 at 04:22 PM
Mikjerdk-Ragnaros Application (8 alts played at highest level too)

nationality and occupation: 26,The Netherlands, Accountant, Mikey Gelderblom

I work from home and make my own time.
Im a kind person thats open for anything, but is also very direct.
Im also a person that does not know how to describe himself other then this so ill leave it at this ^^. no parse runs/not even close to optimal kills, 97 average still, even on progress kills Rank 3 world death knights jermik#2507
Discord: mikjer#0924


Im am VERY competetive when it comes to games. I come from a very professional gaming background, i have been challenger in LoL from s3-s10, been an esporter from s3-s6 and i have been in the Dutch E-Sport Fifa competetion since 2016 till 2020. Now i started to play wow and im fully committedto that. Within in a few weeks i was parsing 100s on my dk, was back then my only character, i had no one that explained anything to me or people to play with, just brainstorming everything by myself, and i think that is worth more then any other guide or video out there. I got to the max level very very quick and i am now one of the best dks in the world. I know i have the talent to become the best and i am also determined to put in alot of time. Right now i am the only one online in my guild, still 24/7 playing other classes min maxing everything out of anything, i do play 8 classes wich are DK,Monk,Warlock,Paladin,Mage,Demon hunter,Hunter,Rogue. I can be the best in any class i want to play. i will have these 8 character raid ready for 9.1, and my skill level on them is already maxed. (Some are not on the same realm and account.)

I have a great understanding of games in general, i have the talent,i have the determination,i have the time and effort, i have the kindness( yes i am also human and me friendly :) ), i have the extreme fast learning ability,I'm a self-motivated, i play and can play any class at the highest level.

I max out any encounter within a few pulls, parsing 99/100 and doing every mechanic.
On mythic it is almost impossible to parse high when you are in a guild that is not competetive and is doing it for fun. I out performed everyone so extremely hard and still got 97 average mythic parses when the average of other peopple is around 40~ ( with only 1 total kill on sludge/council, 97 parse with bad kill time, people dead etc etc.)
On heroic where i can reclear any time i want i got rank 3 world death knight. (without a log group or buffs etc.)

From analyzing other players i can say i am performing better then anyone outside of the top 5 death knights in the world, if i get there scenarios and people around them i would perform around 3rd best dk in the world. ( i could do this on any class but right now i main death knight.)

vouch: My current guild. And top dk players/guide makers/raidbot code maker ( they all know me and can 100% vouch for me, i talk to them alot lately and found out im doing extremely good.)

I think i will be a great addition to your guild and hope for an reaction soon :).

I am alot more determined then my current guild members, i have been performing at the highest level since the start of the expansion and i still am, i am still playing 24/7 and currently the only one online every day. My skills,talent,time and effort is hugely different the my other current guild members.

To have the same minded,talented,determined people around me like me. To reach the highest achievments possible in the best possible way at a certain moment. - specs - speedtest

#14619134 Apr 29, 2021 at 03:28 PM
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Hi Mikjerdk,

Thanks for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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