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#14620747 Apr 30, 2021 at 04:20 PM
Name: Rhos

Age: 20

Location: Czechia

Your character's armory:

Your warcraftlogs reports:

Your raiding UI (video or screenshot):


What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?
Before and during the start of shadowlands, I was always in a casual guild with barely HC progress, in february I switched to CLOWN FIESTA guild on drak'thul that had 6/10M at the time, we got to 9/10 + about 140 wipes on sire and then the GuM (also RL and main tank) quit wow so the guild fell apart, I got hooked up by raiding and I want to go tryhard. Before every boss I haven't been on before, I check optimal weakauras, cooldowns, trinkets, conduits, etc. + a few videos about mechanics so that from my end it can be as clean as it gets. I currently play basically only my hunter but I can boost and learn a new class asap if necessary.

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?
I have a few alt but none of them have gear, I can play pretty much every class since im used to rerolling every expansion

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?
My goal in the game is to be as good as I can progress and skill wise without having to raid for 14 hours a day. Your guild looks very promising for that

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?

Organized and optimized raids, competitive community

How did you hear of Pure?

I was looking for a new guild on wowprogress

Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?


Your battle.tag:

Discord: Rhos#0420

Additional notes:

I was guild boost organizer for CLOWN FIESTA, I was also the guild bank manager. You can expect from me 100% attendance, being ready to every last bit for every raid including farms, I like to push my limits with both raiding and dps, I can play every mechanic you assign me to
#14622658 May 01, 2021 at 04:07 PM
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Hi Rhoss,

Thanks for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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