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#14662345 May 24, 2021 at 02:06 AM
I really hope you consider checking my new refreshed application.
My last one was really rushed and pushing myself (selling myself) so i can get a chance in a new guild. This was one of my negatives. Im new into the raiding community of wow and did not know 1 thing or another.
Here it is:


nationality and occupation: 26,The Netherlands, Accountant, Mikey Gelderblom

I work from home and make my own time.

Im a kind person thats open for anything, but is also very direct.
I just want to play games and have fun, while optimizing what i do with my team.
Im a new player to wow with decent logs trying to find a new home to play the game i enjoy.
Im very social and like to play any game, i play alot of games like tft,lol,among us or anything thats fun atm ^^.
I have a esport background in LoL.

Monk on ilvl:
Warlock on ilvl: jermik#2507
Discord: mikjer#0924 combat

I am alot more determined then my current guild members.
I put alot more work.research,time into the game.
This is from a competetive look, i appreciate all my members and i had alot of fun with them, they were really nice people to play with,
but they ended up stopping to play anything with the guild really fast.

To have the same minded,talented,determined people around me like me.
To reaach the highest achievments possible in the best possible way at a certain moment.
^competetive look again.
I actually care more about the atmosphere and the fun i have while doing all of this stuff.
I look forward to socializing with the guild and have a great time. - specs - speedtest

Shadowlands is my first expansion ever playing wow.

Im min maxing the classes i main, i shrive to do that, currently im very comfortable playing dk,monk,warlock,ret.
I can multiclass any class if that helps the guild, im not limited.
I do alot of research before the raid and try to prepare myself as much as possible.

Pugchamps, just didnt fit my standards, i raidleaded it to 8/10m. Had alot of fun in pugchamps but i had to move on.
Pepelands, ive been at trial as the 3rd dk, i came along on reclear (got stuck at platform because of puddles, did not die but 0 log because of it,
slg i got overlapping mechanics in p3, not used to p3, was my first time getting there, im sure i can get stable logs in a next reclear.)
but as they already had two dks and i did not like/enjoy certain things in the guild. I can go more in depth if needed with a talk.
with 9.1 around the corner and I want stable guild and a good atmosphere. For what it's worth I did enjoy some of my time there!

i have done all ptr raid tests and already have a great knowledge about the next tier.

I multiclass. I play anything actually.
I min maxed ww monk,affl/destro warlock,ret pala.
and i have alot more alts but i choose my time to play on maximum of 3 alts so i can keep up.
currently maining dk since i think its mvp in melee. Anything else i think i mentioned! Hope i've told you enough!
#14663874 May 25, 2021 at 12:41 AM
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Hi Mikjerdk,

Thanks for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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