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#14709389 Jun 18, 2021 at 06:49 AM
Name: Adrian

Age: 26

Location: Sweden

Your character's armory:

Your warcraftlogs reports:

Your raiding UI (video or screenshot):


What is your guild and raid history and what is the reason for leaving said guilds?
Started my raid history journey by taking PvE more serious during Nighthold and ended up joining a top300 guild <Solitude> on TwistingNether the week after they killed Guldan. Before that I was in a HC guild, so going from HC raider to mythic raider was a huge step for me. Solitude ended up disbanding during TOS, and I left the guild after we killed Maiden because I felt the progress was too draining and unrewarding as the guild started to show cracks on both Mistress and Maiden and I saw no easy road for the 2 leftover bosses as we struggled to get to them eventually. So I ended up not getting the kills at all for Avatar+KJ and joined later on a top600 ish guild that I went all the way to Aggramar during Antorus. I left them after 2nd disband on heroic Aggramar when we were 80/20 Guildies vs pugs since I got demotivated to progress the same day Aggramar Mythic. Legion came to an end there for me and I started to play league and CSGO at a more serious level to fill the gap from wow.

BFA expansion started and my guild history started out by me getting recruited by <Azshari Vegans> on Twisting Nether in order to replace two DHS that were already in the guild. The guild got randomly disbanded by the RL/GM as he hit a mental wall on a reset day, announcing the disband as we were closing in on killing Mythrax. He did not clarify to why he decided to disband the guild and just left us hanging 2 hours before raid time. I decided to try and finish the tier and listed myself on wowprogress. <Delusions> on Kazzak approached me and told me that the guild state was toxic and bad since they had been failing on killing G'huun and lost many world ranks due to progress being a failure and the raiders started to lose hope. I got instructed to play at my best and be prepared for any flame if I fucked a mechanic. The guild ended up disbanding, having a best wipe pull on 1.2% and the RL+Officer team apologised to me for wasting my time and told people to be ashamed that a sub 50 pull player performed better than +300 pulls raiders. I did not end up getting CE again this tier unfortunately, due to bad circumstances with guilds.

During BoD I raided in two guilds during HC & week 2 Mythic and honestly it was the biggest mess of a tier I've ever experienced and had to deal with. I started out as a trial for <Bad Luck> Tarren Mill and at the time I was playing on a 5FPS laptop and the officers knew I had struggle with my screen randomly freezing. It turned out bad during HC week as we did 2 clears, with a roster of 30man for both clears and they decided that I wasn't ready for Mythic even tho me myself and another dh trial, outperformed their current DH. The guild itself was highly toxic and the RL in his own words stated during Mekkatorque HC week 1, that he can't wait to kick all the shitters and trials before Mythic week and was laughing at the fact that he treated people as lootcharacters to help out himself & "his homies a.k.a the raiders". Basically he purposely recruited alot of players in order to have them trade loot and after kick them when loot wasn't needed from HC. I started my Mythic journey during week 2, in the guild <Endless> on Kazzak and had disagreement with the lootcouncil and the approach the guild had towards a certain incident that happend. I happend to do a dungeon a few hours before raid and looted a mythic level titanforged Harlan's Dice which allowed me to trade raid trinkets. The incident happend on Conclave boss where I looted myself a Kimbul's claw trinket, BIS trinket for DH by far. People in the guild laughed as I looted it and was announcing how happy I was that I got it and told me not to equip it as it wasn't for me. I entertained the idea and thought they were joking at the time as I looked at the raid comp after we killed Conclave and I was the only character that would benefit from it, and alot on top of that. They ended up agreeing that the monk tank should get it and asked me to trade it quick and hearthstone out as they wanted to trial another DH on next boss as he sat conclave. I told them why should I trade a dps trinket to a tank and the only reason it was tradeable at the time was because of my "luck" with titanforging Harlan's dice. During BFA+Legion I had been doing roughly 20 dungeons a day, in order to try and minmax my gear as I treated M+ as a diablo kind of game where perfect items where fun to chase. As I told the RL "Ant" this he told me that he doesn't care about any of my effort and I felt insulted as the tone on Teamspeak was people being annoyed/laughing at me and Ant spam whispering me to trade tank. I decided to leave on the spot and gquit and left BoD tier only killing Conclave as both Bad Luck and Endless guilds had been giving me nothing but bad experience with toxic people. I declined applications from 2 guilds that I can't remember at the time as they wanted me on Mekkatorque prog during Week 3 reset. I told them both the situation I had during HC week + Week 2 of mythic and it was too much for me and I had to take a break from the game and thanked them for the opportunity they wanted to give me.

I joined back the PvE scene during EP farm as <Delusions> killed Lady Azshara and spent time there chilling with people that tried to ressurect <Delusions> as they disbanded during G'huun prog. Before NYA came out, I played with a rogue/warlock main Ninefive, a officer in <Familiar with Drama> at the time and he found me as a player that could benefit his guild as I was talkative and played good mechanically as we tried to push semi-high keys at the time. This was the first time I went from top200-400 guild into a guild that had been hovering around top90-110 chasing the Famed title of N'zoth. We ended up failing getting WR113 I believe, killing N'zoth on the first wednesday after Famed closed. I didn't feel as I was part of the guild and decided to leave them as the guild revolves around 14-15 homies that have been playing with each for a long time and treated the minority, the outsiders differently, especially if a mechanic was failed or a death occured. If a member of their circle would fail during a pull they were having a laugh about it many times which ticked me off that the treatment was so different even tho I understood that some people that failed were trials and it's fair to expect trials to perform and earn their place. I ended up joining <Sanity> on Draenor. For the first time in my wow guild history I decided to raid with friends instead of chasing world ranks and we ended up WR138, earning fake famed title of Sire. Unfortunately, people have decided to call it quits and the guild ended up disbanding roughly 3-4 days ago.

Do you have any pertinent alts that could be of use? If so, what is your raiding experience with your alts?
I currently have a monk alt that has been used to kill up to SLG Mythic. My experience with alts has been alting a warlock during Nighthold where my guild wanted the ranged to play melee and the melee team to play ranged which I found weird and still do. During TOS and Antorus I played warr as alt and switched to Monk/DH flex as main pugging a few bosses with friends per week after I left my guild during Aggramar. Before Nighthold, I would play rogue casually in both PvE and PvP setting. Played outlaw during EN in a HC guild.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?
A friend told me to apply here as he is getting a trial spot for CoD tier. (Puuki)
After he suggested that I apply here, I checked out <Pure> on wowprogress and read that you guys have a similar approach as me when it comes to clearing content and it made me want to apply for a trial here in order to play with you guys. My goal is to clear content and getting top100 "Real famed" while balancing other aspects of my life.

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?
As you guys raid 11 hours a week, I expect fast and organized progress period. Achieving a WR90 ish every tier with only 11 hours shows how strong of a guild <Pure> is and how consistency has brought you to todays results. I think I can bring a playstyle that suits the guilds raid environment as I have experienced similar raiding hors in Familiar with Drama (12 hours) and gotten almost same results hovering around WR113. I always strive to do my best and also minmax my gear outside raiding environment and it has been shown in previous expansions where I was chasing titanforges and Neck levels in BFA, getting mythic level neck before every HC week of a new tier.

How did you hear of Pure?
Through my friend Puuki.

Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?

Your battle.tag: Mist#2539

Additional notes:
If you want/need more information about me as player, I can always ask my GM of Sanity Artegor, to have a honest word with you guys on how he has seen me as a player during CN progress in <Sanity>. Else there's nothing more to add and I wish you guys the best for next tier, if you decide not to give me a chance.
I hope to hear from you guys again & potentially play with you in CoD.
#14720018 Jun 23, 2021 at 03:54 PM
Found another guild to raid in. You can close/decline this application. GL next tier, wish you guys the best. Cheers
#14721525 Jun 24, 2021 at 11:39 AM
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Hi Npsy,

Thanks for the update. Was going to reply this morning but this solution seems to have worked for you. Good luck in SoD,

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