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Name & main class(es) *

Blindfoldéd - DH
alts - DK, Monk, Paladin, Warrior, Druid, Rogue, Mage

Tell us about yourself, your age, where you're from etc. *
My name is Fikret Gassim, Im 33 Years old, from Baku Azerbaijan but born and raised in Dubai, UAE. I stopped working full time 2 years ago because i can sustain myself so decided to completely no life play Video Games (WoW) and Stream.Been playing games for most of my life and have always tried and attempted to be the best i can be and its safe to say i have done that with everything i put my mind too.
As a gamer, I always have been a hardcore gamer/achiever and have always tried to give my everything to a game or anything I do in life. I wear my loyalty and commitment on my sleeve. Some have said I take everything too serious and i do and why shouldnt I or We? We all put our time and effort into something and if someone is coming to waste it, then maybe they dont deserve to be part of it.

Provide armory and warcraftlogs links for any relevant characters. If your logs are private, include login details or pm them to an officer. *
Note: I am ready and up to play any class/role except a healer. I am not applying for a specific role, I am more applying as a player and would like the guild choose my class/char.
If its upto me I am willing to go dps, preferably melee and always have 2-3 chars ready incase of a reroll.
Even if its a char/class that I do not have, I am always ready to reroll.
My current 8 chars have the Soul Ash to craft any legendary for any spec.
My current progress is 8/10Mythic CN split among all my tanks because i kept switching and rerolling depending on the fight or when we lost players or other tanks.
We got 8/10M around 2months ago in March, started losing more players but i kept trying to recruit instead of leaving guild and getting easy 10/10M. Now that more people left and the GM of the guild called it quits and stopped raids till 9.1. I am planning to leave to get into a high end guild again and maybe get 10/10M eventually along the way, not the end of the world if it doesnt happen. Leaving in Good terms ofcourse
It was easy to do so because of my previous experience being in a Top Ten guild and maintaining several characters full geared and ready to switch for the guild.
DH - All around kinda main

DK - 2nd Main for specific fights where we needed more DKs

Monk - After WW monks got nerfed and our monk dps quit they needed me to reroll monk tank for Master of the blade buff

Warrior - When guild needed War Tank because we had another DH tank already

Paladin - My Main Main for 15 years regardless of what i need to play, this character has always been uptodate :)

List all of the previous raid tiers you have progressed (old expansions included) and provide the world rankings that you achieved. Include your guild history and any roles that may aid your application, such as raid leading or officer positions. *
I have been playing World of Warcraft for 16 years, on and off.
TBC and WOTLK and Cataclysm (Entropy - World #30-50):
Around the beginning of TBC I decided to roll a paladin tank back when paladins were only known for healing. No guild or dungeon group would accept me, so i had to take initiative and make my own runs until i was noticed by a guild and recruited as their back up tank (i was told i would be benched for months) during progress of Lady Vashj/Kaelthas, I proved my skill and became the offtank. Going onto getting server 1st Illidian and Later during the weeks being the 1st Paladin Tank in the World to Main Tank Illidian just for the fuck of it and proving something, this was done before the big buffs. Back in those days only Warriors could face tank Illidian because you needed 100% block to mitigate Shield Block and i figured out a way where we Paladins can achieve that with a mix of Dungeon Set 3 Gear Bonus and Tier 5. Around this time I was made an officer also and we later went onto getting server first Sunwell Plateau. The guild was not a top 20 world competitor but was doing quite well for a semi hardcore guild. Stayed from beginning till the end of Wrath of the Lich King (World #33) and this is when i noticed my skills and time is being wasted with a semi-hardcore guild. People had 1 char and can barely play him 3-4 times a week where as i had 5 Chars at this point. Decided to give the guild another shot in Cataclysm and try to make it more hardcore but it just was not working and i was called for my military services around when Dragon Soul was being released.

Mists of Pandaria (Inner Sanctum - Throne of Thunder World #9)
After coming back from the military service. I saw the guild only became more casual around the start of Mists of Pandaria and decided to apply at high end guilds and because alot of top guilds didnt need tanks they would recruit me only as a Damage Dealer and i was recruited by Inner Sanctum as a spriest Main. After Throne of Thunder progress finished and there was some shift in management and players, some of us started getting benched more which i did not mind but we got benched without being giving the option to reroll or being said really why and being replaced by new recruits and guild started focusing more on 10Man.

Warlords of Draenor-Legion (Nova - World #7-20)
This is when i applied to Nova on Ragnaros which back then was a 10man guild name "IM A WHALE WAHAHHAHAHAHA" aka the Fatboss guild also because i had some friends there. Got accepted for WoD Progress with them as melee/backup tank, stuck it with them through the good and bad times regardless of progress because i gave every guild my everything and was 100% loyal. Stayed with them till around Tomb of Sargeras and had a real life tragedy around this time and did not like the way blizzard changed the artifact power catch up mechanics and made the game too casual, so i was upset with blizzard and had this real life tragedy that forced me to take a break. During this time i had time to play alot of Solo Player games or games that didnt require me to having to commit to a set schedule and i decided to Play Path of Exile casually that became hardcore (because i cant do casual shit, its like i have allergies against casual bullshit) and around this time i started streaming. Mind you i played Path of Exile on 120 ms Predictive on Hardcore Leagues and people made excuses how the game has bugs and that why they play SC :D . This forced me to skip BFA and also BFA did not seem very appealing and was the best expansion to take a break in my 16 year wow Career.

Decided to make a comeback in SL with friends and form a guild the 1st tier but not just any guild, a 2 day HARDCORE veteran guild, old wow gamers that dont have time to do the 24/7 shit anymore, it was good at the 1st 2 weeks but a guild like that cannot have a big roster cause its 2 days and 100% activity is required and when you dont have that, you dont raid. So we had to call that quits and merge with some other friends which i am playing with currently but deciding to go back to EndGame Raiding and a Competitive World Rankings Hardcore Status because i have the time and i am putting the effort. I have mainly played a main tank/off tank/melee role but have always changed for a guild if it was needed. I already have 6 tanks/melees with 220-225ilvl with only raiding on one of them, i can be a tank or melee, or tomorrow if guild asks me to go Ranged or Healer because someone quit or something happened then i will do it. Planning to level 4 more classes before 9.1 goes live

Why do you want to leave your current guild? *
I havent left yet, all my characters are there. I have told them I will be leaving, I tried to raid with real life friends and create a 2DAY Hardcore Raiding Team but because of their real life obligations and priorities it could not happen, so it was inevitable that it would come to an end.
I am itching to go back to the Competitive Raiding Scene Again, my time and talents are being wasted at the moment and my guild knows it themselves and you can ask the previous guilds i was in aswell. I dont want to be in a guild where 5-7months into the tier im still doing progress. Wanna Clear Raids asap, focus on making guild alt runs for fun and raid lead it if needed, sell runs, push M+ High, etc...

Is there anyone in our guild and/or from your previous guilds who would vouch for you or assist your application in any way? *

In your guild probably not, not that i know off at least, but there might be someone that i later find out that i have played with maybe in the past. Always is the case.

In all my other guilds, including the Top 10 Guilds i was in such as Nova, Inner Sanctum Yes. I can get people to vouch for me and/or give a good recommendation

Screenshot of UI in many different environments/classes:

Note your battletag and any other ways of contacting you. *

Blind#2936 -
Blindsir#0747 - Discord

Include any additional information here which might aid your application. What makes you stand out from other applicants? *

I have the experience needed for the game and classes and i am better at an interview than an application, however i hope i stood out. I am someone that a guild/raid can always count on even on its worst days, also i do repeated PTR/Beta Testing always. Ask me anything

Military - I have served in the military for 18 months in some of the toughest and worst situations, went in as a boy and came out as a Man. This was no ordinary military service, it was on the borders of our enemies (Armenia). We had patrol, marching, post-watch, discipline, etc...You fuck up here? You Die

Gaming Experience - POE
During the break I took from WoW between the end of legion till end of BFA, I played POE (Path of Exile)
In POE I played in the Hardcore Trade Leagues.
Always was one of the top ten players in these leagues and best traders. If you are someone with experience and knowledge it the game, you have surely heard of me. Did lots of Racing Events in the game and have a few Demigod (Awards to prove it)
Also came 8th in the China Gauntlet Race

Streaming - (Show of Commitment)
If you do decide to check my stream, dont judge me for my personality on it (half of it)
While i was playing Hardcore I decided to go for a world record of "most hours streamed by a single streamer in 30days" totaling to 522 Hours in 30days to only be beaten after 9 days by Edison Park 541 Hours in 30days

What do you bring to make our roster stronger? Why should we recruit you? *

Positive Attitude

When things get hard or situations get bad, I dont bail or lose myself, i make the most of it and try to find a solution to overcome it. I dont sit and complain about something or its problem, I take charge on how to come ontop of it.

If you have gone through my whole application you would notice that I never guild hopped for a better progress, not for a single expansion or tier. I always gave my everything to a guild, blood, sweat, tears, time, etc...When officers or core members of a certain guild left or quit, I stepped up and took charge.
Always looking to better myself in everyway, have had 8+ chars since Mists of Pandaria till date because i wanted to know how every class works and plays.
When and if you decide or any other guild decided to recruitment, I more or less let them choose my class/role because they would get me as the player which is far more important the class I play because i can excel at multiple classes/roles
Last but not least I am someone that will be part of taking this guild to the next level and one step closer to achieving better ranks

I do anything for the sake of the guild and team. I just want a shot to prove myself. I dont mind being benched from time to time on progress because of class stacking or meta or rerolled 100 times over as long as its for the better of the guild and team and its with good reason. Among my other achivements have been top 5-10 ranks in Challenge Modes in MoP and WoD. Have been a raid leader and officer and shotcall for most of my wow life and know and see bullshit from a mile away. Currently have 8/10M with a 2 Day Casual Raiding Guild amongst 4 characters because i needed to reroll and change depending on setup, this comes from my experience playing for top 10 guilds, having multiple classes and having them ready.
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Hi Blindsir,

Thanks for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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