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Hi, my name is Kai, I am 23 and I live in Norway



Been playing since early WotLK, but didnt really pick up raiding before Cata. Played the first tier in a guild called Raging Alcoholics, at the time top 10 2/day raid guild (10 man) before moving to Aurora Borealis for Firelands. Got Ragnaros Heroic 25 man sadly a little after nerfs. Would've liked to have that under my belt. Guild went from 25->10 man for Dragon soul because of internal drama and i was cut from the team still being a trial, so i moved back to Raging Alcoholics for Dragon soul. Eventually my friend group moved out of wow into League and CS as they were picking up at the time and i didnt play much until Legion. Played up until Nighthold with Sponsored (now Aluren - Tarren Mill) Holding 250-150 WR spots for bosses at this time. Got called in to military service and was away from the game for the rest of Legion and nearly all of BFA. After finishing military service i picked up wow again and joined Project Questionmark, goes by Questionmark now on Kazzak which also holds a 220 ish WR spot. For Shadowlands a bunch of my buddies started up again and we decided to make a guild (yikes) so i left Questionmark to embark on a new journey. Took the mantle of GM and RL and got us 10/10M around 900 WR very late, but i thought it was fair and was pleased with myself of bringing a new guild up in such a short period of time. Anyway short lived, people didnt like Shadowlands as much and most of the guild was burnt out and left after completing CN. I wanted a fresh start and found a guild on alliance, Unkown Entity - Sylvanas. 209 WR for CN. Currently sitting at 323 WR. So, we dropped over 100 WR's. This is due to the fact that we have had huge roster changes. Close to 50% of starters were there to see Sylvanas die and more are leaving after the fact. Getting back into progress at a high lvl I can easily tell that I can push further beyond. Going 150 pulls and having 1-3 people die in P1 every pull is something I do not wish to be apart of anymore. I have raided at a high level before and I would argue I am twice the player and more invested in the game then I ever was before.

I have been switching around a lot in SL. From WotLK and up to Ny'alotha I have been solely playing Holy paladin. I wanted to switch up and try out new things and went over to resto shaman as it was looking really good in PTR at the time. Later having to switch over to Shadow priest as our raid group had decent healers but bad dps. So 9/10M CN and 5/10M SoD for Spriest. Halfway through SoD I was able to switch back to Holy Paladin as our current holy paladin left and I wanted to go back to a healing role. What I am getting at here is that I am very comfortable playing around with these 3 specs. What I also learned from finally switching around between roles/classes is that I allways aspire to the best I can be. When I go for something, being learning something new I put it countless hours and enjoy finding out all the little kinks/quirks to play at the highest level.

Why do you want to join Pure and what goals do you have?
There may be some obvious reasons. You guys play at a high level with a small amount of raid hours. This brings up an enjoyment of people actually learning at a fast pace. Now my goals as of late is getting into the top 100 on the WR ladder. Something I am more than confident I can do given the right environment like your guild has. Even further down the ladder wouldnt be an issue. This is something that not only I desire but I could be a part of the community in achieving. Other than that, you dont not recruit for the bench and you do not require an alt (although I have plenty as I like to try ever

What do you think you can bring to Pure and what do you expect of us as a guild?
A high level of play as you may expect. A player that doesnt die to silly wipes. Ok the occasional fuck up will occurr its human nature (1 rive death in 180 Sylv pulls etc). But I am very observant, I feel something that is more so when you are a healer. I learn quickly from not only my own mistakes, but I see, learn and adjust from other raiders mistakes aswell. I enjoy reading logs and theorycrafting things like healing cd's for bosses. I think I can show that I am a valueable player for progression part of raiding. If need be I am the type of person that can adapt to learning a new role/class quickly if need be. I am not afraid of putting the guilds need before my own as achieving end game content is what i seek the most. As a guild I would hope there is a certain community. I play games outside of WoW and sharing passions with other people in the guild allways brings a certain feeling of home. You are a long standing guild and I would hope you continue to stay one, as I am not a guild jumper, but I have been unlucky with my time after military service. A good and stable officer team which goes without saying you guys probably have. Last but not least, to have a good time raiding, hanging out with cool guys/girls and killing bosses!

How did you hear of Pure?
I found you guys on Wowprogress. I have been actively searching for a new guild. Yours and many others caught my eye, but out of the bunch I have applied to, Pure is consistently at the higher end and would be a "no brainer" if I had the choice between a couple.
Do you know anyone in Pure that can vouch for you?
Not that I am aware off.
Your battle.tag:
Simple#2635 // Koy#2315 <- Discord.
Additional notes:
If you have made it this far, thank you. My current logs are.... rocky to say the least. Healer logs are somewhat a meme from before hand, specially on progression. Now as I stated though, I did switch to Holy paladin in the span of 2 weeks. Thats gearing, and learning the spec as well as I could for KT & Sylv progression. So trying to get in any amount of healing logs with an sub optimal legendary (went maraads for sylvanas prog.) and 15 ilvls behind is really a tought position to be in. Sylvanas went well, all our logs are public and if you have the time you can go through them and see how I play on progression. Reclears are going to happen in the near future aswell and logs will obviously become a lot better. All in all if there is any interest I know this may seem like a stretch, and I wish I had more to show for myself. I have old Legion screenshots of logs but unfortunetly screenshots are not depicting much. Now would be the best time to take a chance on a player like myself for reclears than looking for a player you havent tested for progression. Thanks a lot for reading so far! If you have any questions or anything hit me up on discord/ and I would be happy to answer. Thank you and have a nice day!
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Hi Siimp,

Thanks for your application. I'm afraid we won't be able to offer you a trial. Best of luck in the future,

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