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[Pinned] Guild Rules

[Pinned] Guild Rules

You will be playing amongst some of the most experienced and dedicated players on Turalyon, and the key to our success is being extremely focus orientated during raids, having a solid organization and players with a professional mindset. We strive...
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[Pinned] Application form and information

What is Pure?Pure is a raiding guild on Turalyon-EU. Do not apply if you can't make our raid times. Do not apply just because you want to be in the guild with a friend. Do not apply because you like the name or website. Apply because you know your...
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Holy/Disc Priest

________________Name: Dimitrios MastorakisAge: 34Location: Greece________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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Jenjaal - Shaman resto

Name: Fawaz Al Hammad .Age: 31 (29/July/1987) .Location: Kuwait .________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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Druid Balance/Guardian

[b]Name:Ahmad Hussain[b]Age:23[b]Location:Kuwait________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:[b]Y...
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[Accepted] Tank Player

Name:RasmusAge:24Location:Sweden________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:https://ww...
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[Declined] Rowfire Blood Dk

Name:EdgarAge:27Location:Estonia________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:https://www.warc...
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[Declined] Healer Application

Name:MaziarAge:25Location:Iran________________Your character's armory:
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[Declined] Application

Name: BarneyAge: 22Location: Hungary________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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[Declined] Apply

________________Name: PontusAge: 21Location:swedenYour character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding U...
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[Declined] Warlock Application

________________Name: EvgeniyAge: 22Location: Ukraine________________Your character's armory:
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[Declined] Disc/Holy Priest

________________Name: FranciscoAge: 23Location: Switzerland________________Your character's armory: Your warcraftlogs reports: Priest - Jaina logsYour raiding UI (video or screensho...
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[Declined] Hunter Application - Main Raid team

Name: - ign is Brackers, real name Stu but everyone calls me Brackers IRL as well :)[b]Age: 30 [b]Location: UK North West, Warrington for any of your English players________________[b]Your character's armory:
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[Declined] Mage application

Name: ThomasAge: 21 Location: Czech Republic________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: rai...
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Faal - Mage Application

[b]Name:Fahad[b]Age:30[b]Location:Saudi Arabia________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:[b]Your...
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[Declined] Mage App

Name:-SaudAge:-22Location:-Kuwait________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (v...
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[Declined] Hunter application

Name:Oscar S. Frahm-JensenAge:21Location:Denmark________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI ...
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[Declined] Lucakungen - Protection Warrior Application

Name: LucaAge: 23Location: Croatia________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: , main from T...
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[Declined] Tank Position

Name: Dale 'Bamf'Age: 22Location: Ireland________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: Guild Private Logs, However i do have mythic logs for both my Brewmaster and...
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[Declined] Apply

Your Character:Name: GnistreClass: Main : Lock, Alt : Pala, Windwalker. I can play tank also if the guild wants that, the mention you needed a guy that can play 2 tanks. I can also do that, but its up to you! , ive been main tank in the top 100 gu...
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