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[Pinned] Guild Rules

[Pinned] Guild Rules

You will be playing amongst some of the most experienced and dedicated players on Turalyon, and the key to our success is being extremely focus orientated during raids, having a solid organization and players with a professional mindset. We strive...
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[Pinned] Application form and information

What is Pure?Pure is a raiding guild on Turalyon-EU. Do not apply if you can't make our raid times. Do not apply just because you want to be in the guild with a friend. Do not apply because you like the name or website. Apply because you know your...
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Inceneratus Application

________________Name:Pedro RodriguesAge:26Location:Portugal________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:SD https:...
Member avatar small Inceneratus - Aggra(Português) 3d
Inceneratus - Aggra(Português)025Member avatar small Inceneratus - Aggra(Português) 3d

[Declined] Mage

________________Name:RenéAge:17Location:Germany________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (...
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Name:RayAge:25Location:Bulgaria________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (video or scree...
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[Declined] Application.

________________Name:LukasAge:20Location:Sweden________________Your character's armory: Your warcraftlogs reports: Your rai...
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[Declined] Rogue/Havoc DH

Name: BozhidarAge:27Location: Bulgaria________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs repor...
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[Declined] Shadow Priest Application

Name: MaherAge:21Location: Egypt________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (video or scre...
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[Declined] Holy Paladin Application

________________Hi, my name is Kai, I am 23 and I live in Norway________________
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[Declined] Application

Name:RajerAge:27Location:Skopje, Macedonia________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: logs:
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[Declined] Rogue app

Name: MikkelAge: 27Location: Denmakr________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: overall logs a...
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[Declined] Warlock

Name: MarekAge: 26Location: Czech rep.________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: logs are private. https...
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[Declined] Hpal application

Name:Ask[b]Age:23[b]Location:Norway________________[b]Your character's armory: [b]Your warcraftlogs reports:
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Venthyruwu2182Small Helmsley 49d

[Declined] Multiclass Healer App /Rsham Main

Name:Alexander [b]Age:25[b]Location:Toulouse, France________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:[b]Your r...
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[Declined] Application

Name:OllyAge:23Location:UK________________Your character's armory: I linked the monk as it's the one with highest ilvl io etc but I am happy to play anything including hard rer...
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Ollyuwu multiclasser 2259Small Helmsley 59d

[Declined] Vengeance Demon Hunter

________________Name:TadejAge:29Location:Slovenia________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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Terrorßlade2301Small Helmsley 106d

[Declined] Mage appliction

Name: MarcusAge: 28Location: Sweden________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding ...
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[Declined] Blindsir - Multiclass Player Tank/Melee

Name & main class(es) *Blindfoldéd - DHalts - DK, Monk, Paladin, Warrior, Druid, Rogue, MageTell us about yourself, your age, where you're from etc. *My name is Fikret Gassim, Im 33 Years old, from Baku Azerbaijan but born and raised in Dubai,...
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[Declined] Likantrop - Balance Druid, Frost Mage

________________Name:GeorgiAge:31Location:Bulgaria, Sofia________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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[Withdrawn] DH Havoc Application

Name: AdrianAge: 26Location: Sweden________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (video ...
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