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[Pinned] Guild Rules

[Pinned] Guild Rules

You will be playing amongst some of the most experienced and dedicated players on Turalyon, and the key to our success is being extremely focus orientated during raids, having a solid organization and players with a professional mindset. We strive...
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[Pinned] Application form and information

What is Pure?Pure is a raiding guild on Turalyon-EU. Do not apply if you can't make our raid times. Do not apply just because you want to be in the guild with a friend. Do not apply because you like the name or website. Apply because you know your...
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[Declined] Application Shadow

________________[b]Name: Nikolas[b]Age: 20[b]Location: Germany________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports: my current logs are all private, but i got a ...
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[Declined] Ragetractor-Warrior

________________Name: Guðni Jóhannes BenderAge: 26Location: Iceland________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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[Declined] Morve - Mage

________________Name:Miguel MendesAge:24Location:Portugal________________Your character's armory: Fire - 78 / Frost - 76 / Arcane - 75 - I can play all 3 specs, with preference to Fire and ...
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[Accepted] Resto/hybrid shaman

Name:Private?Age:28Location:Sweden________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:N/AYour raiding UI (video or screenshot): is you...
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[Accepted] Resto shaman

________________Name:GregersAge:19Location:Denmark________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:For ToS:
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Gregers4666Small Helmsley 105d

[Declined] Frost Mage [soaking skill over 9000]

Name: KalAge: 23Location: Born in Bulgaria, currently studying in Glasgow, Scotland________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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Nsain2327Small Helmsley 106d

[Declined] Mistweaver Monk

Name: DaveAge: 27Location: Surrey, United Kingdom________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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[Declined] Resto Druid Application

Name:KristofferAge:32Location:Denmark________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (video or sc...
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[Declined] Fire mage application

Name:AlexAge:19Location:Czech Republic________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: ...
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[Declined] Warlock Application

Name: GeorgeAge: 25Location: Cardiff,Wales________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: r...
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[Declined] Frost Mage App

Name: Kacper, Nick: Pacale, Bnet: Sokopoko#2999Age: 19Location: Wroclaw, Poland________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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Pacale2335Small Helmsley 129d

[Declined] Warrior Application

________________Name:Stoica AndreiAge:I'm 22 years oldLocation:Romania________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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Pufy2311Small Helmsley 131d

[Declined] Barnabyjin Mage Frost/Fire

Name:My name is Vedran Nemet.Age:I am 23 years old.Location:I am from Osijek, Croatia.________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
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Barnabyjin2319Small Helmsley 131d

[Declined] Affliction Warlock

Name: Nikola JovanovicAge: 21Location: Belgrade, Serbia________________Your character's armory: ( 2 weeks old char )Your warcraftlogs reports:
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Surfacing2388Small Helmsley 131d

[Accepted] Shadow Priest Application

________________Name:JonathonAge:25Location:Aberdeen, Scotland________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:We private log ToS so I took a screenshot of our mythic kills...
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Jonnybe3674Small Helmsley 136d

[Declined] DPS Death Knight

Name: EmirAge: 24Location: Turkey________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:I namechanged quite a bit during Legion and my logs reset with every change so I'l...
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Mythia2377Small Helmsley 139d

[Declined] Restoration Shaman

Name: LexiiAge: 23Location: United Kingdom________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: I recently moved to ally- here are my last week of logs as alliance: http...
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Lexii3566Small Helmsley 141d

[Declined] Holy Priest

Name: RyanAge: 24Location: United Kingdom - Wales________________Your character's armory: Servarside ArmoryYour warcraftlogs reports: Servarside Warcraft LogsYour raiding UI (video or screenshot): Raiding UI - There is also a screenshot that shows...
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