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Holy Priest Application - Next Expansion

________________Name: AdamAge: 24Location: Manchester, UK________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name: Jungleboy - class: PriestCharacter spec/offspec: MS...
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[X-Realm]Holy Paladin/ Healing Priest Application

Evening,I'm a 22-year-old student, currently living in Patras, Western Greece. As the winter goes by, I decided to spend my time more effectively by implementing the dream of mine - becoming a raider for the kind of guild as yours. On my spare-tim...
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Warlock Application Cross Realm

Name: Igor PereiraAge: 24Location: Portugal________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link): Cybelle class: WarlockCharacter spec/offspe...
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Miimí - Discipline Priest

________________Name: TomAge: 19Location: UK - Surrey________________Your Character & Stats Character name (include armory link): class: HumanCharacter spec/offspec ...
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Diabetus / X REALM / Blood DK

Name: Jassem Al-sayyarAge: 22Location: Newport, Wales.Character name: DiabetusCharacter Class: DeathknightCharacter spec/offspec (Please describe your experience with, and gear level (not gearscore) of your offspec set): Blood. Off spec DW Frost.M...
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Meworac Resto druid!

________________Name: Michael SjöstenAge: 18Location: Sweden________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name:Meworac, Resto Druid spec/offspec:Can play both feral and ba...
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holylights holy paladin

________________Name:I am James CoppensAge: I am 22 years oldLocation: I live in belgium close to gent in eastern-flanders________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link):
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Undëe - holy paladin -[Accepted]

IRL PRESENTATIONMy name is Oriane, i'm 21 and live in Versailles (France).I used to study webdesign but I'm currently looking for a job ; and that's about it :).________________CHAR & STATSCharacter name Undëe, holy paladin
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Xbasara [warlock] -[Accepted]

As I told Ayd, my progress is almost over (garrosh HM should go down tonight), I’ll migrate after that. I'm only applying now because Ayd wanted to be sure I will come. I am NOT leaving my guild before garrosh is dead.Irl stuff:My name is Antoine,...
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