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[Declined] Mage application

Name: ThomasAge: 21 Location: Czech Republic________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: rai...
Member avatar small Cárymáryfuk 2y
Cárymáryfuk21650Small Helmsley 2y

Faal - Mage Application

[b]Name:Fahad[b]Age:30[b]Location:Saudi Arabia________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:[b]Your...
Member avatar small Fahad 2y
Fahad42516Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Mage App

Name:-SaudAge:-22Location:-Kuwait________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (v...
Member avatar small Birthdays 2y
Birthdays42798Member avatar small BD 2y

[Declined] Hunter application

Name:Oscar S. Frahm-JensenAge:21Location:Denmark________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI ...
Member avatar small Oscar "Powerpounder" Frahm-Jensen 2y
Oscar "Powerpounder" Frahm-Jensen21882Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Lucakungen - Protection Warrior Application

Name: LucaAge: 23Location: Croatia________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: , main from T...
Member avatar small Lucakungen 2y
Lucakungen31960Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Tank Position

Name: Dale 'Bamf'Age: 22Location: Ireland________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: Guild Private Logs, However i do have mythic logs for both my Brewmaster and...
Member avatar small Bamf 2y
Bamf21658Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Apply

Your Character:Name: GnistreClass: Main : Lock, Alt : Pala, Windwalker. I can play tank also if the guild wants that, the mention you needed a guy that can play 2 tanks. I can also do that, but its up to you! , ive been main tank in the top 100 gu...
Member avatar small Gnist 2y
Gnist21793Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Garrs application

________________Name: Luke ( Garrs ig )[b]Age: 19[b]Location: England________________[b]Your character's armory:[b]Your warcraftlogs reports:
Member avatar small Garrs (Luke) 2y
Garrs (Luke)31941Small Helmsley 2y

[Accepted] Selvian - Holy paladin

Name: YairAge: 30Location: Israel________________Your character's armory: Your warcraftlogs reports: Since all guild logs are private im afraid all I have that I can show is the ...
Member avatar small Selvian 2y
Selvian64075Member avatar small Selvian 2y

[Declined] Resto Druid application.

Name:AndrewAge:25Location:United Kingdom________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (v...
Member avatar small Andrew 2y
Andrew42412Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Balance Druid

Name:ChristofferAge:21Location:Denmark________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
Member avatar small Christoffer 2y
Christoffer 31921Small Helmsley 2y

[Accepted] Scurch Windwalker

________________Name: LuukAge: 23Location: Germany________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
Member avatar small Scurch 2y
Scurch63376Member avatar small scurch 2y

[Declined] Rewon - BDK/Prot Warr

________________Name:RewonAge:22Location:Holland ________________Your character's armory: warcraft...
Member avatar small Rewon 2y
Rewon21661Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Carl - Brewmaster Monk

Name:CarlAge:29Location:UK, East Midlands________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (vide...
Member avatar small Carl 2y
Carl21610Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Cirus - Holy Paladin

________________Name: AleksanderAge: 20Location:[/b ]Poland_______________[b]Armory: UI:https:/...
Member avatar small Cirus 2y
Cirus21566Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Mage/Rogue

Name:-RudolfAge:-25Location:-Romania________________Your character's armory: is your guild and raid histor...
Member avatar small Rudolf 2y
Rudolf21606Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Raylol - SPriest

Name: - HendrikAge:- 26Location:- London________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: raiding UI (video or scr...
Member avatar small Raylol 2y
Raylol21670Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Blood death knight

Name:-BryanAge:-26Location:-Netherlands________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: did 7/8 ...
Member avatar small Bryan 2y
Bryan21705Small Helmsley 2y

[Accepted] Chis - Rogue

Name:-MaikAge:- i am currently 27 years youngLocation:- i am coming from the city of PAderborn in GermanyYour character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
Member avatar small Chisma 2y
Chisma53566Small Helmsley 2y

[Declined] Holy priest

________________Name: NeaAge: 25Location: Finland________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports:
Member avatar small Nexarias 2y
Nexarias21969Small Helmsley 2y