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PersonalName: AndreiAge: 28Location: Cambridge, UK________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link): class: PaladinCharacter spec/offspec: Retri...
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[Declined] Restoration Druid - Ðû.

PersonalName:Mads Overgaard.Age:22.Location:Denmark.________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link): class:Druid.Character spec/offspec:M...
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Ðû52167Small Robd 2y

[Declined] Recruitment

Name: Mathias W. AndersenAge: 20Location: Sweden________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link): -'Thalas...
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Prot/Gladiator Warrior- Grommarsh41742Small Robd 2y

[Declined] Rogue

PersonalName:Ali JaririAge:27Location:Jordan________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link):Jariri class:RogueCharacter spec/offspec:i play the ...
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[Declined] Sayath Marksmanship Hunter

PersonalName:MahmoudAge:23Location:Saudi arabia________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link):Sayath ( class:HunterCharacter spec/offspec:Marks...
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[Declined] Recrute

Hi there , i am a druid , i play main Resto in MoP , Cata , etc .. but now i play as feral until i gear up, after i go resto mode again , i play wow for like 6 years , but only in the last 8 mounths played on blizzard , i am a skilled resto druid ...
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Druulike2991Small Robd 2y

[Declined] SP - Xrealm

PersonalName:JanAge:29Location:Czech Republic________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link):BlekotanCharacter class:PriestCharacter spec/offspec:Shadow/DiscoWhat is your experience with both your main and your offsp...
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[Declined] Virath - Assassination Rogue X-realm

PersonalName: Sebastian DaviesAge: 21Location: Sweden________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link): Virath - class: RogueCharacter spec/offspec:...
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[Declined] Application X-Realm

Personal Information:Real Name: StevenBattletag: stevoo#2590Age: 29Location: GermanyTell us a bit about yourself:My name is Steven, I am 29 years old, I'm from near Dortmund / Germany. I am currently unemployed. My hobbies are ice hockey, football...
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[Declined] Artiq - Rerolling Mage

I want to preface this application by saying that I am a former Shadow Priest returning to WoW for WoD. Many of the questions I won't be able to answer because of this but I truly believe I'm an exceptional player and a good player is good at any ...
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[Declined] DK DPS

PersonalName: Magnus R. ForupAge: 21Location: Denmark________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link): Gouhra : Character class: DKCharacter spec/of...
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Gouhra21182Small Robd 2y

[Declined] Rictusgrin - Shadow Priest

PersonalName:MichaelAge:27Location:Poland________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link):armorylinkRictusgrin class:PriestCharacter spec/offs...
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Rictusgrin31614Small Robd 2y

[Declined] X-realm Frost Death Knight Application

Hello there,Name: Sam van der VeerAge: 17Location: Den Helder, the Netherlands________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link):Deathlymaid, ...
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Deathlymaid42001Member avatar small Deathlymaid 2y
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[Declined] X-realm retribution paladin 584 ilvl

Hello!Internet: speccs:CPU: Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-2500K CPU@3.30GHzRAM: 4.1 GBOS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 64-bitVideo Card: GeForce GTX 560 TiGaming gea...
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[Accepted] Vidic Balance druid X-realm

Name: JonathanAge: 19Location: Sweden________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link): Vidic, class: DruidCharacter spec/offspec (Please describe y...
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Vidic balance druid X-realm125011Member avatar small Ayd 3y

[Declined] Gdubet-Blood Deathknight

Name: BahadırAge: 25Location: Turkey________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link):-- Gdubet , class:- DeathknightCharacter spec/offspec (Please d...
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[Declined] Mistweaver Monk Application

Name:FlorianAge:18Location:Styria, Austria________________Your Character & StatsMistweavermonk Mâryjâne on Thrall EUArmoryCharacter spec/offspec (Please describe your experience with, and gear level (not gearscore) of your offspec set):Mistwea...
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[Declined] Yogá - Restoration Shaman

________________ Name: Jakob Age: 17 Location: Denmark ________________ Your Character & Stats Character name (include armory link): Yogá (currently in Enhance...
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Yogá42305Member avatar small Ayd 3y

[Declined] Devildjz Restoration Druid

________________Name: Asad AbbasAge: 28Location: UAE (Dubai)________________Your Character & StatsCharacter name (include armory link): ArmoryCharacter class: DruidCharacter spec/offspec (Please describe your experience with, and gear level (...
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