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Request Guest Access

[Pinned] Gaining Guest Access

Post a topic in this forum and chances are you'll get access to our guest forums if you meet any of the following criteria: You're an ex-raider. You failed your trial but have friends within the guild. You're a current social member within Pure. Y...
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Request Guest Access

[Declined] Rogue Application

Name:MarkoAge:24Location:Croatia________________Your character's armory: warcraftlogs reports: .....but it doesnt w...
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Request Guest Access

Leyline Bling

She used to call me on my LeyPhone....Latenight when she need manaCall me on my LeyPhone, latenight when she need maaaanaaaaaBut I know when that
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Request Guest Access

Requesting Guest Access

Hi,I would please like to request a guest access to follow threads speaking about alt runs i also know few members of the guild.Thx for reading.
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Request Guest Access

archimonde today

Hey, i would like a archimonde HC boost, 100K today :) u can reach me ingame on xanario#1885
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Request Guest Access

GDKP Concluded

Hey everyone, so we just finished the GDKP and apart from some hickups (mostly me not remember what the differences from Mythic to Hc is and some bid rules) i think it was a good raid, it took a little longer than i had expected to clear everythin...
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Request Guest Access

Turalyon+DH GDKP

UPDATE: Its been pointed out to me by several people that it's unclear why you have to put out 25k upfront so i'll try to be as clear as possible: The 25k is JUST a security deposit, it's still YOUR gold, as long as you stick around till the end o...
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Request Guest Access

Requesting guest access

Hello,Currently joined as social member, so i'd like to request guess access for any forum area that i'm allowed to use.Thank you.
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Request Guest Access

Requesting Guest Access

I'd like to join the forums again to keep up with alt raids or other social activities you may plan. Cheers :)
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Request Guest Access

Requesting guest access

I would like to request guest access so I can follow posts considering alt runs
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Request Guest Access

Request guest access

Hi, I would like to request a guest access to follow threads related mainly to alt runs.Thanks.
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Request Guest Access

Requesting guest access

Hi, would like to request guest access for the info on the alt raids.
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Request Guest Access

Good Afternoon

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Request Guest Access

Guess Access

Hey, could I've access please in order to signup or see last min changes for the alt raid on tuesday?Many thanks! (-;
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Request Guest Access

Requesting guess access

Hey there, requesting for guess access, mainly for alt raid purpose. Thanks in advance :)
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Request Guest Access

Requesting guest access

Hi, I am writing here as instructed to ask for guest access to the forums, so I can put my name down for the alts raid, if I can!Many thanks.
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Request Guest Access

Requesting Guest Access

Not exactly sure how active this forum is but had some spare time and thought I would request guest access. Curious to see if anyone I used to know is still playing. I formed Pure with Ayd and Ceon a long time ago and used to run the old website....
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