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Legion Cleared!

Helmsley / Feb 12, 2018
Last night we cleared Mythic Argus the Unmaker, finally finishing the long grind that has been Legion. Thank you to all our raiders that have contributed to our successes throughout the expansion.

As always there are a few of our raiders that we have to thank for their patience as we extended on the final boss : Hana, Fin, Leaf, Nentez, Tara and Rezok all contributed to this tier and ended up missing out on the Argus kill - your efforts did not go unnoticed.

Finally a special thank you to all our raiders and officers who willingly stepped up and played offspecs/alts for the sake of progress particularly : Namar, Matu, Torty, Ray, Glen, Pan and Zhiu.

We're currently relaxing and looking forward to Battle for Azeroth,

See you all there!

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